Figures: Black West Point Cadets Who Posed With Raised Fists Won’t Face Discipline

If they were Southern-born white cadets displaying a Confederate flag in a gesture of pride, you can bet your ass they would have been kicked out of the academy.


From BizPac Review

In a decision that shows black privilege is every bit as real as claims of white privilege, sixteen black West Point cadets who posed with raised fists for a pre-graduation picture will not face punishment for their actions.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the U.S. Military Academy said the cadets “did not violate Department of Defense or Army regulations.”

The controversial image prompted concerns about proper behavior in uniform after some saw it as a show of support for the radical anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement, but an internal inquiry found that the cadets didn’t violate military rules limiting political activity.

West Point’s superintendent, Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen Jr., reasoned in a letter to the student body that it was because the cadets “did not pre-plan or set out to make a political statement.”

Instead, according to the findings of the inquiry, the gesture was seen as a “spur-of-the-moment” act “intended to demonstrate ‘unity’ and ‘pride.’”

Never mind the history of the raised fist as a sign of militant defiance, as detailed by ABC News:

“A raised fist has symbolized political resistance for generations, from Nelson Mandela upon his release from prison in 1990 to Democratic Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on the presidential campaign trail this year. It was used by black power advocates in the 1960s, including by two American sprinters during a medal ceremony at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games, and more recently by activists for the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Not that the superintendent didn’t give the cadets a stern talking to.

“We all must understand that a symbol or gesture that one group of people may find harmless may offend others,” Caslen wrote. “As Army officers, we are not afforded the luxury of a lack of awareness of how we are perceived.”

The decision has outraged many veterans and ABC reported that some critics have suggested the women were being held to a different standard than other cadets — there are 18 black women among the roughly 1,000 seniors in this year’s class.


Here’s the little scrunts with their “troof ta powa” pose:


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Remember their faces. These little douchebags will unfortunately be officers in the United States Army upon graduation and expected to lead troops in battle. I pity their white subordinates.

Former US Congressman and ex-Army Lt Col Allen West, who is black, said the photo was “stupid” and the women owe the academy an apology.

He summed it up in a blog post: “What if these were 16 white male West Point Cadets from the south who took a picture in uniform with the Confederate battle flag? “Yes, you know exactly what the story would be.”

“Spur-of-the-moment” act “intended to demonstrate ‘unity’ and ‘pride’”, my ass. It was a race-based act of contempt and defiance.  Not very unifying.  I enlisted in 1976, at the height of racial and moral dysfunction in the military.  I remember all the shit that went on. A raised black fist is not a sign of comradery.

Under Obama’s regime the military has slid down the fucking sewer.  The toxic PC atmosphere in the last 8 years in particular has resulted in an erosion of common sense and abject fear of reprisal should anyone speak out against the lunacy.

Forget combat readiness; ‘gay rights’, drag shows, deference to Islamofascist theocracy,  demonizing the nation’s founders, and whatever hairstyle you want is the new focus. No wonder the enemy is laughing.

Obama’s purge of dedicated, experienced military leaders, has been quite extensive.  The warrior ethos has become the latest casualty in Barky’s evisceration of the military.

Their “troof ta powa” gesture is unprofessional and reeks of militant bullshit. Of course nothing will happen. No one wants to be labeled “racist” for expecting everyone to display military bearing and discipline.

Watching the destruction of the military is sickening enough as a retiree. I would not want to be subjected to it as active duty member. I’m so glad I retired in 2006, when we still had a leader in D.C. who gave a damn about the armed forces.

Welcome to the new military. Gawd help us.



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  1. Posted by sfcmac on 14/05/2016 at 08:24

    AR Thor,

    Ummm…Produce a photo of this, otherwise, you’re full of shit. Go back to your safespace.



  2. Posted by A. R. Thor on 14/05/2016 at 00:44

    Ummm….you do realize there is a picture of.white male West Point cadets making the same gesture? It caused not a ripple of controversy. Go somewhere with your ignorance.


  3. Black Privilege


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