Muzzie Propaganda Mouthpiece, Al Jazeera, is Officially Off the Air

Al Jazeera (aka “Jihad TV”)  bites the dust.

From Breitbart.

After nearly 3 years of ratings failure (to say the least), Al Jazeera America will finally be put out of its misery this April. Since its 2013 launch, not only has the left-wing cable news network failed to deliver anything resembling an audience, other than humiliating itself with a now-debunked attack on football great Peyton Manning, the Qatar-owned newsmaker has failed to even make news.

For all of its existence, Al Jazeera America (AJA) personified the proverbial tree falling in a forest with no one there to hear it. There are mom-and-pop websites that have done what AJA couldn’t with all of its millions and all of its staffers: have some kind of effect on the news cycle. Never, not once, did AJA come up with a story, an interview, a scoop, a meme, or even a photo or video that became part of that day’s national conversation. In the department of epic fails, that in and of itself is an extraordinary accomplishment.

How many left-wing cable news networks does America really need?

The left-wing Headline News got out of the news business last year.

HuffPo Live, which was nothing more than a streaming left-wing cable news network, died earlier this week.

The free market has spoken, and the casualties thus far are three left-wing cable news networks. That leaves two to go — CNN and MSNBC.

It’s important to point out that in the free market, neither CNN nor MSNBC could survive on revenue from catheter and trial attorney ads based on viewing numbers. What keeps those two low-rated left-wing garbage fires alight is the con job known as bundled cable.

Whether or not you watch CNN or MSNBC, if they are on your cable package, you still pay for them. Both networks get a piece of your cable bill. Yep, you are funding two networks dedicated to lies, central government, Black Lives Matter, anti-Christian hate campaigns, and your personal destruction.

If you wish to toss CNN and MSNBC on the scrap heap along with Headline News, HuffPost Live, and Al Jazeera America, cut the cord, cancel your cable — for America.

Al Jazeera America goes off the air in April.

In better news, no one will notice.


The only reason I noticed is because I paid attention when Al Gore sold his failed CurrentTV to the Arab shitbags in 2013, and kept tabs on some of their anti-American, pro-terrorist agitprop.  In 2012, prior to the creation of Al Jazeera TV, they hooked up with leftwingnut websites Media Matters and  ThinkProgress.  It was a ménage à trois of  leftwing, pro-Islamofascism.

I have bundled cable, and I hate paying for channels and bandwidth I don’t even watch, including CNN and MSNBC. Time to take a trip to my local cable channel office.




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