Killer of Kitty Genovese Dies in Prison at 81

I’m old enough to remember what happened to Kitty Genovese.  Her murder made national headlines and sickened the entire country.

This mutherfucker should have been executed in 1964, not fed and housed in prison for the rest of his life.

From Fox News.

A man convicted of the 1964 stabbing death of Kitty Genovese in a crime that came to symbolize urban decay and indifference has died in prison at age 81.

Winston Moseley died on March 28 at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, state prisons spokesman Thomas Mailey said. An autopsy will try to determine the cause of Moseley’s death.

winston moseley1


winston moseley2



Genovese was a 28-year-old bar manager. Her killing caused an outcry after reports that neighbors saw the attack and heard her screams but did not try to help her. Details of the accounts were challenged, but the crime spurred the adoption of the 911 system and Good Samaritan laws.

kitty genovese

Kitty Genovese


Moseley spent more than 50 years in prison and was one of the state’s longest-serving inmates. He was denied parole 18 times, the last time in 2015. His prison mates included David Sweat and Richard Matt, who cut their way of the maximum-security facility last year. A massive three-week manhunt ended with Matt killed and Sweat captured.

In 1968, Moseley was involved in a prison breakout, during which he held hostages in Buffalo and raped a woman before being recaptured. He joined the Attica uprising in 1971 and earned a college degree from Niagara University in 1977.

“I know that I did some terrible things, and I’ve tried very hard to atone for those things in prison,” he said in a November 2013 parole interview. “I think almost 50 years of paying for those crimes is enough.”


Kitty Genovese would have loved to have been living the last 50 years, but you murdered her, you miserable fuck.

After he was sentenced to prison, this fetid sack of shit broke out, took hostages and raped a woman. Then he joined in a prison uprising. Consider the victims who would have been saved if he just been removed from the gene pool in the first fucking place.

He got a taxpayer funded college degree and took up precious molecular space and oxygen for far too long.

If there’s a hell, this sub-human piece of  smegma is occupying a special corner.


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