Video Shows More Proof That the FBI Murdered Lavoy Finicum

Barky’s regime let black thugs (“Black Lives Matter”) run rampant through Ferguson and Baltimore without so much as a fucking whimper from the White House, but white people protesting the government land and water grabs from citizens, are shot in cold blood.


Hat tip to  Weasel Zippers.


The feds have a lengthy history of government malfeasance and criminal intimidation of private land owners.

The ranchers’ protests in Oregon led to the latest notch in the FBI’s murder belt. They shot LaVoy Finicum in the back over his objections to their tyranny.

This is the fed’s way of saying ‘we don’t like being crossed and we will find a way to get revenge’.

This out-of-control federal government has gotten away with unconstitutional overreach for years. As  civil liberties and rights are increasingly trampled, expect more of this.


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