Deadline Looms for Barky’s Decision to Acknowledge Genocide Against Christians in the Middle East

Don’t hold your breath; Barky’s too busy promoting the Daesh vermin.

From Fox News.

The Obama administration is facing growing pressure to step up and formally call the violence against Christians in the Middle East genocide, as evidence of atrocities mounts ahead of a looming deadline to decide on a label.

The pressure comes amid scores of reports that Christians are being slaughtered, that Christian women are being raped and sold into slavery, and that Christian churches are being demolished.

Less than a year ago, a video surfaced purporting to show 30 Ethiopian Christian men marched onto a beach before being beheaded and shot by the Islamic State, supposedly for refusing to renounce their faith.

But with the administration facing a March 17 deadline to decide how to label the situation, officials have hedged when asked which way they may decide.

Secretary of State John Kerry faced tough questioning on Capitol Hill days ago, when pressed on why the administration hasn’t yet called the violence genocide.

“It does require a lot of fact-gathering,” Kerry said at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing. “I mean you have to get the facts from the ground, more than just anecdotal.”

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., countered that “the whole world knows that Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East.”

“It’s clear,” he continued, “it’s time for America to act — and the excuse that we’ve got to study it, we’ve got to ask the lawyers what the wording is … It’s unacceptable.”


Christians in the Middle East face widespread brutality.  While they’re being slaughtered and driven out of their own homelands, the world stands by and does nothing.  Muzzies have been killing Christians wholesale across the Middle East, Indonesia, and in Africa, but douchebag John Kerry needs something more than “anecdotal”.

B. Hussein sings the praises of a violent religious ideology and the human filth that leave nothing but carnage as a “heritage”.  He coddles their sensibilities, identifies with them, and tells Christians to ‘get off their high horse’.

This shitbag’s abject hatred of Christians and Jews is illuminated every time he gives a speech about muslims.

Don’t expect him to admit that Christians are being subjected to genocide.



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