One supporter of Democratic presidential hopeful Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders tearfully took to Facebook to criticize the “sick people” who support fellow presidential candidate Donald Trump for the “disheartening” experience they gave her when she called them while phone-banking for Sanders Saturday.

In the video, which spans just over four minutes and was posted Sunday, the woman, who identified herself only as “Chelsea,” said that she had hosted a phone-banking event for Sanders and felt compelled to share her unpleasant experience.

“The people that we called, many of them unsurprisingly were voting for Trump, and I just want you to know that the people that are voting for him are very sick people, that referred to human beings as animals, and it actually made me sick,” the woman said as she wiped away tears and began to fidget.

The woman went on to say that she was shocked at the animosity she heard leveled at immigrants and minority Americans whenever she had the misfortune to get a Trump supporter on the line.

“It was really disheartening, and I don’t think anyone that’s a human that has feelings and sense can sit through hours of talking to people that believe that just because you weren’t born in the United States, or even if you were and you’re not white — which, I don’t know what qualifies you as white anymore — it makes you not a human being, um … there were a lot of comments about, just, building walls and getting rid of the Mexicans, and hearing that for hours was so horrible,” the woman said, adding that “it was really, really nice when you would get people that answered that were for Bernie, or even Hillary. There were very few Republicans and conservatives that would answer the phone and be kind — that wouldn’t have something horrible to say.”

The Sanders supporter appeared to be calling potential voters in southern states during her phone banking over the weekend…