Student Creates Cool American Flag Made Out of Toy Soldiers

I like this.

From BizPac Review

An Indiana high school student constructed an American flag as an art project and the result is going viral — not because it’s “Old Glory,” but because of what he used to construct the flag.

From a distance, it appears to be any ordinary U.S. flag; his mother, Stacey Bishop-Feazel, posted a photo of it on her Facebook page.

student american flag toy Soldiers

It’s only when you get up close that you can see it is made up of tiny toy American Soldiers — 4,466 of them — each painted either red, white or blue by Jacob Feazel and painstakingly attached to a large board.

student american flag toy Soldiers2

All told, it took Jacob 56 hours over an eleven-day period to paint and glue the toy soldiers to the board, using 20 to 30 cans of spray paint to do it.

He’s received — and declined — offers to sell the flag; all he wants is an A on his project.


I give him an A+  Extra credit if he ever sells/donates it for a good cause.




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