Barky Announces Plan to Bring Muzzie Terrorists to American Soil

Not that we don’t have enough terrorist threats in this country, the rat fuck wants to import more of them.

obama GITMO

From Fox News.

Obama on Tuesday presented the four-point plan that he has given Congress to close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that includes releasing more detainees and transferring the most dangerous of them to U.S. soil.

The president presented the plan in his last months of office, in perhaps a final effort to fulfill his 2008 campaign promise.

The plan for the 91 remaining detainees includes:

— The “careful” transfer of 35 detainees to overseas countries

— Accelerating the review process for the roughly 56 remaining detainees to see whether they’re eligible for transfer

— Using “all of the legal tools” available to the U.S. to resolve the cases of detainees in the commission process.

— Work with Congress to pick a transfer location on U.S. soil

Obama presented the plan as an effort to bolster U.S. security, maintain American values and save money.

“We can improve our security, uphold our highest values around the world and save Americans money in the process,” Obama said.

Values?  You oughta have your mouth washed out with soap, mutherfucker.  You’ve done  everything you can to destroy American values.

The facility, on a U.S. Naval base in Cuba, was opened in January 2002, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, to get suspected terrorists off the battlefield.

……Closure plans face tough opposition in Congress, which has passed legislation banning any effort to move detainees to the U.S.

……It’s unclear whether the plan addresses what to do with any top-members of the Islamic State terror groups if they have been captured on the battlefield.

According to the officials, the U.S. facilities would cost $265 million to $305 million to operate each year. The annual operating cost for Guantanamo is $445 million, but the officials said the Cuba detention center will need about $225 million in repairs and construction costs for continued use.

They said a facility will cost $290 million to $475 million to build, depending on the location.

Congress has been demanding the Guantanamo plan for months, and members representing South Carolina, Kansas and Colorado have voiced opposition to housing the detainees in their states.

Those members and others in the GOP-controlled Congress argue that such a facility poses a national security risk, particularly a terror attack.

The administration is currently prohibited by law from moving the detainees to the United States.

The “law”? What’s that? The mutherfucker has violated the law and the Constitution for the last eight years.  All his crimes and corruption have been inconsequential, to him.

His handling of muslim terrorists has been nothing short of treasonous.

He swapped 5 of the most cutthroat Taliban thugs out of GITMO, for a deserter.

This is the same assclown who tweeted “Happy Eid-ul-Fitr” to his muzzie pals just hours after 5 American service members were gunned down by a rampaging muzzie jihadist.

He sucks up  to terrorist states  by celebrating their holidays and makes it a point to visit mosques known for facilitating terrorism.  It’s part of who he is as a Dhimmi.

He accommodates terrorists in the White House and the State Department.   He shamefully panders to some of the worst muslim thugs on the planet. When Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano was head of the DHS, she made it a policy.

His “America: bad, muzzies: good” speeches   at the U.N. have become part of his diplomatic routine.

The contingent of DemProgs in Congress introduced a resolution condemning anyone who objects to Islamofascists and their bloody rampage.

The muzzie shitbags he lets out of GITMO have a nasty habit  of  returning to the jihad against the West.

We’ll see them again; on the battlefield and on our streets.


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  1. is sayin’ FUCK YOU to the stinkin’ goatmolestin’ moooselambniggrahboy from kinya named obumma disreceptful???…


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