Irony: Barky Says Sanders Hasn’t Been Vetted by the Media

From The Hill.

……Obama said the 2016 Democratic presidential primary will not be a repeat of the race in 2008, when he emerged as a successful insurgent challenger against the established front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

“No … I don’t think that’s true,” Obama said in an interview with Politico, when asked if he sees Clinton’s chief rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), as his alter ego in this year’s race.

……(Obama) also suggested that the Vermont senator has yet to be completely vetted by the media.

“I think that if Bernie won Iowa or won New Hampshire, then you guys are going to do your jobs and, you know, you’re going to dig into his proposals and how much they cost and what does it mean, and, you know, how does his tax policy work and he’s subjected, then, to a rigor that hasn’t happened yet, but that Hillary is very well familiar with.” he said.

……Obama expressed hope that, when voters go to the polls, they “will settle down and say, ‘Who do we want actually sitting behind the desk, making decisions that are critical to our future?’”


This is coming from a SCOAMF who was foisted into office by an adoring media, liberals, and minorities who deified him.  If Obama had been properly vetted , this corrupt and incompetent malfeasant would have never been installed the first time. His self-awareness tank has run on fumes for a very, very long time.

Anyone who studied Obama’s personality, philosophy, friends, associates, and background, would understand that he is a marxist, and not fit to lead a Democratic Republic. Evidently they couldn’t get enough of the first four years of it.

As infuriating as it was to hear Jonathan Gruber describe American voters as “stupid”, there’s no other explanation for a shitbag like Obama to be placed in a position to push some of the most depraved, obscene, destructive policies in our history.

For the last eight years this lying sociopath, divisive bigot, and muslim ass kisser has completely ruined America’s economy, foreign policy, national security, and world standing.

As for Bernie Sanders, he’s another socialist lowlife with some seriously deranged rape fantasies.

Quite a collection of scumbags, those democrats.


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