On the Chances of Joe Biden Curing Cancer

As if Barky’s SOTU address wasn’t craptastic enough, he issued a decree that appoints Joe Gaffemeister Biden in charge of curing cancer.  Hilarity ensued.

Excerpts from Kevin D. William’s article at the National Review.

So, Joe Biden is going to cure cancer. That was among Obama’s big ideas in his final State of the Union pageant. Let’s start with the obvious: Joe Biden is not going to cure cancer. Joe Biden couldn’t find chlamydia backstage at a Mötley Crüe concert. (It’s easy to picture Joe Biden backstage at a Mötley Crüe concert, isn’t it?) He couldn’t find NaCl in an aqueous solution if he fell into the Pacific Ocean. Joe Biden is about as likely to discover a cure for cancer as J. J. Watt is to sing the lead in The Marriage of Figaro and dance in La Sonnambula with the Bolshoi in between back-to-back Super Bowl wins. Ain’t gonna happen.

You’d have a better chance tracking down Paul Begala’s self-respect. In fact, it is isn’t very likely that anybody is going to cure cancer — ever. There are some reasons for that, none of which seems to have occurred to Barack Obama.

……This is an example of political thinking. The political mind imagines that if political will is bent toward some particular end, and that if the right people with the right philosophy are empowered to command sufficient resources, then all of reality is malleable. That isn’t how the world actually works; if it were, there would never be a recession or other economic shocks, intractable national-security problems related to distant primitive desert savages, or, for that matter, traffic jams. But these things exist, because the world that exists in the political imagination is not the real world.

……Joe Biden isn’t going to cure cancer. Let’s make sure that he and the imperial hubris he brings with him don’t get in the way of our making progress in treating it, and in advancing our understanding of other diseases.


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