2015 Asshat of the Year


And the winners are: (again)

B. Hussein Obama, his regime, and  the leftwingnut contingent in the media and Congress.

It’s been a year full of some of the worst asshattery you can imagine. Criminality, corruption, incompetence, and oppressive  unconstitutional laws.  There are so many examples, these are just a few of the notable ones.

Obama and his regime:

The State Department hosted a delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the worst terrorist facilitators in the world.

Obama refused to stand with French allies after muzzie terrorist attack against a magazine in Paris, but attended the funeral of a Saudi Arabian scumbag.

SCOAMF-in-Chief tells Europe it needs to integrate muzzies.

Obama releases more muzzie cutthroats from GITMO.

The illustrious Secretary of State John(Winter Soldier)Kerry brought James Taylor along for hugs and ballads to make up for Obama’s Paris no-show.

Joe Biden’s racist comments get a pass from the media.

Obama holds extremism summit, says all the terrorists need are hugs and jobs.

Obama’s moral relativism on Islamic terrorism.

Barky’s cringe-worthy selfie binge.

Continued failure against the ‘JV Team’.

Obama refuses to release incriminating documents on the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.

SCOAMF-in-Chief: Making nukes is against the Islamic faith of Iran.

Obama: Trading 5 muzzie cutthroats for a traitor was ‘worth it’.

Barky threw a tantrum over the re-election of the only ally we have in the Middle East.

Obama celebrates (again) the holiday of Islamic zealots as part of ‘negotiations’.

During his resignation, Eric Holder, one of the most corrupt Attorney Generals in U.S. history, blamed ‘racism’ for all the criticism.

Emperor Barky declared himself Lord over all bodies of water.

Obama’s disastrous ‘fast track’ trade bill and its ramifications.

Obama tells Coast Guard graduates ‘climate change is bigger threat to national security than ISIS.

Obama’s annual ingratiating to the U.N.

Obama blames riots by thugs in Baltimore on ‘Jim Crow, slavery’.

Obama blames white men, Congress, and America for his epic fails.

Giving tips to illegal aliens on getting work permits while their crime rate skyrockets.

Obama, the consummate racist/racebaiter.

For his unrelenting support (treason) for America’s enemies.

Scrutinizing the free speech of rightwing on social media, but radical muzzies, not so much.

Guns and “climate change” bigger threat than muzzie terrorism.

Creating a secret database of personal/racial information of American citizens.

Obama tweets holiday greetings to his muzzie pals just hours after one of them opens fire on armed forces recruiting centers in Chattanooga, killing five U.S. service members.

For the Iran nuke deal that essentially gives them the bomb.

Obama releases the 20th 9/11 hijacker from GITMO.

His contributions to the Middle East ‘refugee’ crisis.

The ObamaCare Frankenstein continues to implode.

For rejecting intel on the muzzie groups he favors.

For being an epic fail and embarrassment on a world scale.

For insisting that we should take in refujihadists in the wake of the latest wave of muzzie terrorism.

Barky’s meme of the year: “Contained”.

New jackbooted Attorney General Loretta Lynch, for her attempts to squelch free speech and outspoken criticism of muzzies and their violent ideology.

For some of the worst tactics on record, by actually warning the enemy we were about to strike.

Your government at work:
ICE guarantees transgender illegals hormone therapy.

The INS for omitting the part in the citizenship oath that pledges to bear arms on behalf of the United States.

The DHS for refusing to profile the San Bernardino muzzie terrorists for fear of ‘offending’ someone.

EPA for being one of the biggest polluters on the planet.

IRS thugs seize assets of small business owners.

Military hierarchy:

An Army Major was stripped of Silver Star for criticizing Barky’s failed Afghanistan ‘strategy’.

General Martin Dempsey, for the craven ass-kissing Dhimmi that he is.

Hillary Clinton, for her corruption and depravity:

Hillary yuks it up during Benghazi testimony.

Her classified emails reaches almost 1000.

A summary of her lies and spin before Congress.

The DemProgs and liberals in politics and at large.

Nancy Pelosi, the leftwing hag from San Fransisco, named a radical muzzie to the House Intelligence Committee. Nothing like letting America’s enemy into the war room.

Dems squeal as the taxes from the ObamaCare Frankenstein they rammed through Congress, take effect.

Leftards went bonkers over the film American Sniper, which detailed the heroism of Chris Kyle.

Leftwingnuts blame the victims of Islamic terror, again.

Black racist Charlie Rangel was never moved by a dead Soldier unless they were black.

Michigan makes a landmark of the birthplace of a 60s radical.

Apologists and quislings came crawling out of the woodwork to make excuses for the muzzie terrorist attack in Paris.

Black Missouri DemProg thinks white people should “check their privilege”.

Nancy Pelosi, the leftwingnut hag from San Fransisco, named a radical muzzie to the House Intelligence Committee. Nothing like letting America’s enemy into the war room.

The Baltimore riots brought out the full stupid from Dems.

George Soros, radical socialist billionaire malfeasant, helped fund the Ferguson race riots.

After the muzzie terrorist attack in San Bernardino, the leftwingnuts demonstrated their usual class.

Democrat shitbags attended a radical mosque known as a terrorist facilitator. Treason, anyone?

Total lack of self-awareness and irony: DemProg assclowns surrounded by armed guards while pushing for gun control.

The libtards who create ‘sanctuary cities’ for illegal alien vermin.

DemProgs drop the “offensive” names of Jefferson and Jackson from their fundraising dinner.

Steeped in leftwing ideology, they slam everyone else for being ‘rightwing’.

Moonbat NYC Mayor Deblasio for adding muzzie holidays to the school calendar.

The race hustlers at the Southern Poverty Law Center for creating a hit list of top conservative women.

The Broward County, Florida Sheriff’s office for giving a badge to a local muzzie CAIR extremist.

Officials in Tulsa Oklahoma permitted a muzzie terrorist float to be included in a veterans day parade.

The rabid Gaystapo, who are the quintessential sore winners.

The LGBT lowlifes who spit on passersby, because they’re priests.

Government bullies for harassing private business owners over same-sex weddings on their own property.

For engaging in cultural fascism, against Christians in particular.

Academic intelligentsia:

American school system for their efforts to indoctrinate students in Sharia and Islam.

Liberal Harvard professors shocked to find out that ObamaCare even applies to them.

Contributing to the dumbing down of education.

Shielding students from the real world and differing viewpoints that might “offend”.

Some of them show willingness to literally shred the Constitution because it’s “triggering” and “oppressive”.

“Black Lives Matter” and the Social Justice Warrior cupcakes.

Brown University student says ROTC are criminals and should be banned from campus.

When they can’t find authentic racism, they manufacture it.

The white liberals posing as blacks.

Yale hires BLM thug to give lecture on the merits of looting.

Black racist professor calls Dr. Ben Carson “coon” for defending free speech of Confederate battle flag.

The Left and black activist morons targeted the Confederate flag and used it as an excuse to start their cultural fascism.

A black radical wackjob shot two white former co-workers to death, BLM thugs rejoice.

The POW/MIA flag is declared “racist”.

A new generation of crybully college students threw tantrums and demands at their universities in places like Amherst, Massachusetts and Vanderbilt. Most of the administrations cowered in fear and surrendered to the le enfant terribles.  At Mizzou, the little snowflakes were told to contact campus police if their feelings got hurt.

At Oberlin College, aka the Berkeley of Ohio, students were offended at the “culturally inappropriate” way that the cafeteria prepared “ethnic” dishes.

Like many colleges across America, Yale has devolved into a place where speech is censored  if it doesn’t follow the whims of children. Gone are common sense guidelines which used to be part of university conduct.

The media:

WaPo hack expressed his wet dream of a ‘gun-free’ society.

MTV produces racist anti-white‘documentary’.

Brian ‘Walter Mitty’ Williams, for his craptastic fake war stories.

Race pimp at Salon blames ‘white America’ for Charleston church shooting.

A CNN hack implied that a Jewish victim of the muzzie terrorist attack in San Bernardino had it coming.

The leftards at Salon need clarification on exactly who’s to blame for terrorism.

Liberal columnist at Daily Beast makes donations to known terrorist-supporting organization CAIR.

Facebook, for blocking the page of a 12 year old conservative who is an intelligent, articulate, outspoken Obama critic.

Gary Trudeau, creator of the leftwingut cartoon strip “Doonesbury” for blaming Charlie Hebdo’s “hate speech” for the  slaughter of 12 people by muzzie terrorists at the magazine’s office.

(Dis)Honorable mentions:

The unrecognizable Supreme Court which violated the Constitution by making its own law regarding gay marriage and allowing billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies for ObamaCare.

And last but not least:

Former GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner, for being one of the biggest RINO pussies on record.

The GOP for wasting the majority we gave them in the House, and doing virtually nothing to stop B. Hussein and his tyranny dead in their tracks.


Paul Ryan and the rest of the RINOs in Congress who colluded with DemProgs to pass another disastrous omnibus bill filled with another trillion dollars in increased debt, more leeway for illegals, and the unbelievable stupidity of funding the import of refujihadists into America.


Congratulations to all the recipients. You deserve it.


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