DemProg Shitbags Plan to Attend Prayer Service at Radical Mosque Known as Terrorist Facilitator

The bodies of the victims in the San Bernardino terrorist attack aren’t even cold and these depraved assholes are lending comfort and support to known terrorist collaborators. Treason, anyone?

From The Washington Free Beacon.

Democratic lawmakers are planning to attend prayer services at a Washington-area mosque that has been accused of acting as a front for Hamas and that served as the home of terrorist spiritual leader Anwar al-Awlaki, who reportedly mentored two of the 9/11 hijackers.

On the heels of a deadly mass shooting by two Muslim individuals in San Bernardino, California, a group of Democratic lawmakers said they would attend Friday prayer services at the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque in Virginia, which has been linked to the financing of terrorists and where al-Awlaki served as the spiritual leader.

The Democrats set to attend include Reps. Don Beyer (D., Va.), Joseph Crowley (D., N.Y.), Betty McCollum (D., Minn.), Eleanor Holmes Norton (D., D.C.), and several Virginia state lawmakers, according to the New York Times.

Beyer told the Times that the visit could help diffuse tensions with the Muslim community in the wake of the San Bernardino attack and the recent terrorist massacre in Paris.

“After Paris and after the House resolution a few weeks ago, we just thought it was really important to continue to reiterate to the many, many peace-loving Muslim Americans that they were still a welcome part of our community,” Bayer said.

Peace-loving?  They’re part and parcel of a world-wide network of muzzie terrorists who think nothing of blowing up people in the name of Islam.

These Dem shit-for-brains wouldn’t dare go to such lengths to reassure the Christian population in this country that all of them aren’t to blame for the likes of Dylann Roof.

The peace-loving muzzies at the mosque in question have some pretty violent beneficiaries:

Dar al-Hijrah has come “under numerous investigations for financing and providing aid and comfort” to extremist groups, according to these records compiled by the Investigative Project.

The FBI indicted a former board member at the mosque, Abdulhaleem al-Ashqar, in 2004 for his alleged participation in a financing scheme meant to provide money to Hamas.

While al-Ashqar was acquitted on these charges, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for contempt and obstruction of the investigation.

A founding member of Dar al-Hijrah, Ismail Elbarasse, also has been accused of working for Hamas’s top leadership. The FBI accused Elbarasse of wiring $735,000 to a Hamas operative in 2004, according to the Investigative Project.

Past preachers at the mosque have been accused of disseminating extremist rhetoric that encourages violence.

Imam Shakir El-Sayed in 2009 condoned Palestinian violence during a speech at the mosque.

……The mosque has additionally hosted Sami Al-Arian, who pleaded guilty in 2006 to assisting the terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


The violence and atrocities by muslims has reached incredible fucking levels without so much as a wince from the Left.  When some lone white perpetrator goes on a shooting spree, Barky and the drive-by media blame the KKK (what’s left of it), the Tea Party, conservatives, the NRA, the GOP, and anyone with melanin- deficient skin.

Muzzie terrorists who slaughter in the name of Islam are always justified by virtue of their ethnicity, religious doctrine, and because America is such an evil country.

The Democrats have a track record of cheerleading for America’s enemies.

Dem Rep James Moran, donated funds to CAIR, a well known terrorist facilitating organization.

Ted Kennedy offered to work with the Soviets to undermine Ronald Reagan’s efforts to protect America and defeat communism.

Remember the Baghdad Democrats? Jim McDermott of Washington, David Bonior of Michigan and Mike Thompson of California, went right to Saddam’s home turf and gave aid and comfort to the enemy. Iraqi intelligence paid for the trip.

Dennis Kucinich and Nancy Pelosi made a “good will” trip to Syria to schmooze with Assad.

Dem  Reps. Barbara Lee,  Marcia Fudge, Mel Watt, Laura Richardson, and Bobby Rush snuggled with Castro.

Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison made a disgusting  pro-Islamist speech to the National Conference for Media Reform.

Obama’s dicked-up foreign policy involves aid to Hamas, the PLO, and the Muslim Brotherhood thugs in Egypt. How fucking depraved do you have to be to think that arming America’s enemies is a good thing? Matter of fact, Obama hosts friendly get-togethers  with The Muslim Brotherhood  at the White House. With assholes like him, who the hell needs ISIS?

Jimmy (I never met a dictator I didn’t like) Carter makes frequent visits to terrorists.

Bubba Clinton took money from Chinese/Indonesian arms merchants for his 1996 election, in exchange for classified satellite technology. (AKA “Chinagate”) Thanks to his treason, China was able to improve its ICBM program.

There’s always going to be a number of miscreants who will plant a big kiss on the ass of any culture, group, country, or enemy that hates America, even if they’ve attacked this country and killed thousands. Those miscreants are Democrats.

All muslim organizations and mosques in this country need to be scrutinized and if necessary, shut down. They’re breeding grounds for Islamofascist extremism and terrorism.  They should not be allowed to operate in America, let alone serve as political tools for DemProg idiots.

For this post alone, I’ll probably end up getting visit from Loretta Lynch’s jackbooted DOJ.


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