CNN Journo Colluded With Hillary’s Campaign to Attack GOP

But she’s in the political sack with the Dems, so it’s okay.

From Breitbart.

Looks like we might have a smoking gun email proving what we’ve known for years: that CNN really is the Clinton News Network. As though watching the network isn’t proof enough of this, in order to embarrass Republican Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and put a positive spin on Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi troubles, emails Gawker claims it received through a Freedom of Information Act request, appear to show a high-profile CNN foreign affairs reporter coordinating directly with Clinton’s State Department.

According to the emails, Elise Labott, the foreign affairs reporter recently suspended for bias, worked directly with Clinton aide Phillip Reines to craft two tweets that were eventually published by Labott: one slamming Rand Paul, the other involving a specific quote from Clinton proclaiming her transparency during the Benghazi investigation held by the Accountability Review Board, a board of Clinton appointees.

Here’s one of the emails, hat tip to Phil Kerpen:

……as Breitbart News reported yesterday, we got a look at how Politico honcho Mike Allen sought favor from the Clintons by offering daughter Chelsea a “no risk” public relations opportunity disguised as an interview. If the emails are true, Allen offered to allow Chelsea to choose the topic of the interview and agreed to present the questions in advance.

These emails aren’t exactly a revelation to anyone familiar with CNN and Politico. Nor is the brazen partisan coordination to boost the Clintons and, at least in the case of CNN, to trash their Republican rivals. Both CNN and Politico are left-wing propaganda outlets, and have been since their inception.

Also not surprising is the fact that outside of New Media, the emails are either being ignored or downplayed by the DC Media, even by Politico’s so-called competitors.


That’s because the bulk of broadcast/mainstream media is in the tank for Dems.

They don’t even bother to hide it anymore.




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