Ben Shapiro to the Crybullies at Mizzou: ‘Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings’

From Breitbart.

On Thursday night, Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro delivered a speech titled ‘Truth Is a Microaggression’ at the University of Missouri.

His lecture was sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation and took place at Ellis Auditorium on the Columbia campus. Because of the recent controversy at the University with the Concerned Student 1950 group which pushed for the ouster of the university president and chancellor, security officers were employed at the event in case of any attempted disruption.

“I hope that the protesters of Mizzou abide by basic standards of decent behavior. So far they haven’t,” Shapiro said prior to giving his speech. “In any case, I look forward to being South Park-ian Reality crashing the Safe Space.”

Full video of speech, here:

Shapiro took on the talking points and the buzzwords of the hostile liberal/new ‘black power’ environment on college campuses.  “Microaggression”, “safe spaces”, “racism”, and “feelings” have replaced learning and the exchange of ideas.  Shapiro dissects them all.

Some of the quotes from the speech:

“When all of your myths of ‘white privilege’ falls apart… what do you do? You get sad.”

“These people are complaining because their lesbian arts degree doesn’t get them a six figure job on Wall Street.”

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

“There’s only one group of people….who want ‘safe spaces’ that are racist specific. There’s only one group of people that want safe spaces so that they never have to hear from anybody of a different ideology or political persuasion. Those people are called fascists.  You’ve got a bunch of fascists, damned fascists on this campus who are trying to shut down political debate and trying to cloister themselves into a little cocoon  of stupidity so they don’t have to debate anyone or think about issues outside their kin so they can feel comfortable. Guess what, life isn’t about feeling comfortable, life is about bettering yourself. Get off your asses you stupid pansies….grow the hell up. You’re in a safe space, thank God. It’s called America. Learn to appreciate it or get out.”

Class dismissed.


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