Hey Salon, Just So We’re Clear on Who’s to Blame for Terrorism

The douchebags at Salon go on a bender of weapons grade stupidity after each atrocity committed by muzzie cuthroats. Their idiocy in the aftermath of the latest attack in Paris is just craptastic.

They’ll make great eunuchs for the new Caliphate.

While the assclowns on the Left fret, self-flagellate, and wallow in the pathology of guilt, the rest of the sane population pays attention to the culture of religious zealots who make their intent crystal clear:

muzzie declaration of war on west

More offerings from the ‘religion of peace’:

islam religion of peace

A compilation of daily terrorist acts, HERE.  Hint: it’s not Christians or Jews.

And apparently, 9/11 didn’t hit close enough to Salon’s backyard.

These rabid animals need to be exterminated. All of them.

WE ARE AT WAR with a culture that wants to turn the world into a Caliphate and that combines terrorism with its religious doctrine. Some people can’t connect the dots between the slaughter of 3000 people in our country and atrocities across the world in the name of “Allah”. They declared war on Western civilization in 693AD. The first volley in the current war was fired in Tehran with the 1979 hostage crisis.

Muzzie terrorists are trained, funded, indoctrinated, supported, and bred all across the Middle East. It’s the epicenter of Islamofascism. This could have been finished years ago if we had actually fought a war instead of piecemeal battles. This war—any war— can be brought to a relatively quick finish by dedicating every military resource—tactical, strategic, and intelligence—to kill the enemy. They attack as, we annihilate them. Every single one of them. It isn’t hard. Pick your targets and commence fire. And don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings. While Barky is in charge, this won’t happen. Hopefully, we’ll get a real leader in 2016 who will take this war seriously and do what it takes to stop them.

If we had worried about offending anyone in WWII, we’d be annexed to a Third Reich.

Unless or until Western civilization decides to put an end to the muslim threat, this war ain’t over by a long shot.

As for Salon, all the ass-kissing they can muster won’t change this:

muzzies what they actually do

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