Howie Carr to the College Crybabies: SHUT UP

From Breitbart.

Trigger warning: The following does not provide a safe space for any of the perpetually aggrieved victims currently sheltering in place on AmeriKKKan college campuses. Some may even consider this cyberspace a hostile environment, not to mention a source of multiple microaggressions – hate speech that students of color may find “profoundly difficult” and which may tend to leave them “deeply troubled,” to paraphrase recent PC pablum from the adverb-addled president of Yale University.

Before I go all Archie Bunker on you, let me start with four words to everyone of you self-identified victims shaking your fist at The Man at Yale, Mizzou, Ithaca and all points in between:

Shut the bleep up!

Never have so many whined so much about so little.

I am so fed up with all this BS. Who do you pajama boys and womyn’s studies majors and queer-theory professors think you’re kidding? It was a bad joke back in 1969 when some fool wrote a book called “The Student As Nigger,” and it’s even more preposterous now when a bunch of Ivy League pukes in New Haven have the gall to describe themselves as “marginalized students.”

Marginalized? At Yale! Pardon me for laughing in your face. Not for nothing did Elvis Presley sing a song called “The Poison Ivy League.” George Wallace called you people “pointy-headed intellectuals what can’t park a bicycle straight,” and he was a Democrat.

What are my credentials, you ask? Well, unlike “Dr.” Melissa Click, I never wrote a monograph on the “commodification” of Martha Stewart. But I did once teach a course – okay, it was a seminar – at Harvard. All right, it was only the Institute of Politics, a/k/a, Camelot High, but I did get paid. Three hundred bucks, as I recall.

To get to my class on Boylston Street the first day, I had to cross a picket line – some squirrely looking trust-funders with those sad little wispy Brooklyn hipster excuses for goatees. They were protesting my hiring. So much for my white privilege. Where the hell was my “safe space?”

This was after I spent three years teaching introductory newswriting at Boston University. The president of BU then was John Silber, that most non-PC of academics, who in 1990 was almost elected governor of Massachusetts, as a Democrat believe or not. They’re not making Democrats, or college presidents, like John Silber anymore.

Silber was desperately trying to save the school from bankruptcy while his students were protesting… something. Here is how Silber later reminisced about his battles with the trust-funded hippies of BU back in the early 1970s:

“I do not take them seriously,” Silber said in 2005. “This is not some very deeply felt, high moral cause on their part; this is showboating of a very insincere kind by most of these students, and I want them to understand that I see through their pretensions.”

Read the rest, HERE.


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