It Begins: Muzzie Vermin Praise Attack in Paris, Leftwing Media, Islamic Mouthpieces Start PR

From Pam Geller.

Islamic State supporters cheer Paris attacks on social media,” I24, November 13, 2015

‘This isn’t a lone wolf attack, but a battalion of lions roaring into heart of #France’

Supporters of the Islamic State jihadist group have taken to social media to celebrate the deadly attacks on Paris which left over 120 people dead.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack which saw eight militants, all wearing suicide vests, bring unprecedented violence to the streets of the French capital, in the bloodiest attacks in Europe since the Madrid train bombings in 2004.

While the attacks are not the firs time IS has targeted France, they do mark the first time France has seen suicide bombings in the streets of its capital, which the group referred to as “the capital of abominations and perversion.”

Using the hashtag , #باريس_تشتعل., which roughly translates to Paris is Fire , thousands of tweets were sent, with some using graphic photos of the attacks.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 6.47.46 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 6.48.26 AM

Muzzies express their joy on social media over the deaths of infidels, HERE.

All the carnage being carried out by these muzzie pigs and their first instinct is to stick to the narrative.

The leftwing starts the PR shit:

Don’t allow this horrific act allow you to be drawn into the loss of your humanity or tolerance. That is the intended outcome.


Translation: “Don’t allow another attack by Islamic cutthroats to make you intolerant of them”

If you’re not tweeting about Paris tonight, kindly consider what your message looks like in an otherwise somber, breaking news feed.


Yeah, let’s carefully construct the narrative so we won’t offend muzzie cutthroats who kill in the name of their ‘religion’.

A jackass from Media Matters:

what scares me about the right is that they dont have the common sense to utilize that restraint in these crises.


OMG! Let’s not kill the muzzie cutthroats who want us all dead. Let’s restrain ourselves and make apologies!   What scares me is your pusillanimity.

The moral relativism of leftwing race-baiters:

We can remember the tragedy in Paris and still remember . We are capable of multitasking. Both situations are equally messed up.


What’s messed up is your intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

The old “but Christians and so-and-so did it too!”:

There has been Catholic terrorism and Protestant terrorism, it’s not an Islam thing, it’s a means to reach some twisted political end.


Remember that the next time some leftwingnut blames the NRA and Christians for Charleston.   I keep missing the rash of Christians yelling “JESUS IS LORD” before they blow up people, behead them, set them on fire, and use planes like human-filled missiles to crash into buildings full of people.

The vacuous shitheads at CNN use this as an opportunity to call for gun control, completely missing the fact that the muzzies killed unarmed people in a country that bans guns for private citizens.

And then we have the muzzie spin committee which keeps spewing the “Islam is peaceful”  shit,  as if we don’t pay attention to little things like 9/11, the Paris attacks,  and their world-wide violence and atrocities.

Prove them as Muslims then point out Islam… Bunch of people shouldn’t be labeled with whole islam


If only people stopped being so ignorant and actually looked into islam and knew the beauty of it..


The beauty of Islam:

indonesian girls beheaded by muzzies

muzzie suicide bombers with kid

Grooming the next generation of ‘peaceful’ muzzies

muslims practicing peace since the 7th century

London bombing 2005

London Bombing 2005

Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing

paris attack2

Paris attack

paris attack

Paris attack

charlie hebdo attack

Charlie Hebdo attack

They’re doing exactly what is proscribed in your fucking 7th Century screed.

And then there’s this dingbat:

Remember the lesson of Charleston. Most powerful response to radical hate is radical love. Open your hearts wider and love harder.

Krystal is quite a starry-eyed princess.

The enemy is no longer at the gate, they’ve crashed it.  And all the Dems and media can do is kiss their ass.

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