Black Professor at Vanderbilt Targeted by Leftwingnut Students for ‘Espousing’ her Religious and Political Views

In other words, she doesn’t goosestep to the leftwing narrative, so they want to get rid of her.

From The Examiner.

The insanity that has been infecting our college campuses, most recently the University of Missouri and Yale, has now infected Vanderbilt. Wednesday National Review reports that an online student petition demanding the suspension of Professor of Law and Political Science Carol Swain for being “hateful” toward minorities has gotten more than 1,000 signatures. The fact that Professor Swain is black appears to be irrelevant as far as these charges go.

Swain’s crime is that of making what some students deem politically incorrect statements about radical Islam and traditional Christian beliefs. The petitioners feel her statements are intolerant and, therefore, cannot be tolerated by the University. To attend this school a student must have a fairly high level of intelligence, but to feel that you have a constitutional right to tolerance and protection from being offended makes one suspect. Tolerance is a two-way street.

The petitioners are demanding that Swain, as well as the rest of the faculty, be sent to diversity training camp. This is so she will think and speak in a manner approved by arrogant college brats spouting political correctness.

Testifying a number of times before the U.S.Commission on Civil Rights, Swain makes two things very plain: She speaks her mind, and doesn’t tolerate fools or foolishness. Today’s campuses are no longer havens for free or independent thought. For the most part, they have been infiltrated with liberal progressive ideology. It is a hostile environment for anyone with a different viewpoint.

Created this week, the petition has been signed by about 1,500 people as of Wednesday afternoon. According to The Tennessean, the petition calls for the University to investigate allegations that Swain engaged in “unprofessional intimidation” of students on social media and “discriminatory practices in the classroom.”

Now that’s fucking hypocritical. The little shitbags threaten, intimidate, attack, and slander anyone, especially faculty members and university presidents who refuse to bend to the tantrums of children.

……What is interesting is that this all seems to center around negative views of Islam, the LGBT movement and Black Lives Matter. All three groups are notorious for demanding tolerance but not extending it. Freedom of speech only applies to them. However, this is the perspective that is being pushed by the Obama administration, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers, Could these be the same “liberal” and “tolerant” Muslim Students Association members that previously tried to bully Swain into silence? Eric Owens of the Daily Caller wrote about it back in January 2015.

Jeffrey Greenberg, a columnist for the vanderbilthustler had some strong words regarding the petition. According to Greenberg, the creators of the petition have since engaged in a series of revisions, first changing the title to “Suspend Professor Carol Swain” and recommending Swain attend mandatory “diversity training” to retain her position at Vanderbilt. They then further changed their language to mandate diversity training for all professors and Swain’s suspension “pending an investigation” into her conduct. Maybe they changed the petition’s language because Swain’s language in no way constitutes an offense worthy of termination, or because the official university response was fundamentally incompatible with the original document.

Greenberg goes on to point out “…this petition remains, at its core, intellectually bankrupt. Instead of analyzing the content of her comments, the knee-jerk reaction of many students, and now the calculated attempt of some, is removing Swain from the conversation entirely by labeling her as bigoted and unprofessional. This approach adds nothing to the critical discussions we need to have about various issues which affect this campus. It suppresses rather than fosters intellectual growth.”

This current rampage of black thug activists and white liberal spoiled brats is a culmination of years of leftwing indoctrination poured into the malleable skulls of college students.  Most of them have never been independent or self-reliant.  Their world centers around sophomoric narratives and SJW drivel.

Kudos to Professor Swain. Vanderbilt needs to show some guts and stand their ground.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sfcmac on 13/11/2015 at 19:17

    If only they had the balls. Those universities are run by liberals too frightened to confront the children they spawned.



  2. Posted by Jack on 13/11/2015 at 19:07

    What Vanderbilt and any other college that comes under this kind of attack needs to do is threaten expulsion for any violence or of any rules broken vis-a-vis gatherings on campus. They need to take a zero tolerance stance with the little fucks where expulsion is the end result of violations!


  3. […] Source: Black Professor at Vanderbilt Targeted by Leftwingnut Students for ‘Espousing’ her Religious and… […]


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