Undermining America: The Refugee Coalition

A compilation of public officials who want to put out the welcome mat for muzzie terrorists (“refugees”)

Politically Short

On September 24, 2015, mayors from eighteen U.S. cities signed a letter to President Obama urging him to take in even more refugees than the mere 85,000 that the administration intends to accept this year. The letter, while listing only 18 mayors, is in reality apart of a much broader network that consists of over 84 mayors in nearly 100 cities and growing that are working in conjunction with the organization called Cities United For Immigration Action (CUIA).

In this letter written to the President, the mayors not only commend Obama for accepting 10,000 Syrian Refugees, but call for him to accept tens of thousands more. They state that “as the mayors of cities across the country, we see first-hand the myriad ways in which immigrants and refugees make our communities stronger economically, socially and culturally. We will welcome the Syrian families to make homes and new lives in our…

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