Paging Barky: Neo-Soviet Russia Builds Base 300 Miles From U.S. Mainland

Palin’s ‘I told you so’ moment. Putin is building a massive Russian military base just 300 miles from American soil.

Russia bases off U.S.

From the Express UK.

VLADIMIR PUTIN’S imperialist ambitions were laid bare today with an announcement that the secretive Russian war machine is planning to build three new military bases in the Arctic – just 300 miles from the US mainland.
Moscow also revealed blueprints for a new army base on the disputed Kurile islands – some of which are situated less than 20 miles from Japan.

Putin is already flexing his military muscles in Syria with air and sea bases and a bombing campaign that has decimated ISIS strongholds.
……In a significant ramping up of Russia’s military reach, Putin hopes to taunt US and Japanese officials with outposts in the Arctic and Pacific.

The plans mean Moscow will have troops, warplanes and military vehicles stationed in all four corners of the Asian continent.

“This is a really large base that was never seen during the Soviet times, and it has modern equipment, all of the needed equipment for these boundaries”
—Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu

Yeah, it’s needed to revamp the old Soviet empire.

It will be seen by both Washington and Beijing as a direct challenge to military supremacy in the region.

Speaking of Beijing, China’s military buildup has accelerated.  American companies who do business with China  help fund the military buildup.  In turn, China arms North Korea and Iran.

In the Pacific, a new Russian base on the Kurile islands is likely to worsen already frayed relations with Tokyo which lays claim to the Southern Kuriles, known in Japan as the Northern Territories.

Russia seized the islands from Japan at the end of World War Two and the dispute is so acrimonious that Moscow and Tokyo have still not signed a formal peace treaty after the war.

……Russia has conducted a number of military drills in the Arctic this year, and Moscow plans to create a network of naval facilities in the region for submarines and warships as part of the country’s military strategy through 2020.

Russia already operates military bases across eastern Europe and central Asia, including in Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Vietnam.

Putin can’t believe his luck. For the last 7 years, America has been subjected to the evisceration of our foreign policy and world standing thanks to the ineffectual chickenshit in the White House.

Putin has revamped the old Soviet-style aggression right under Barky’s nose; he’s doubling down everywhere.

Russia invaded Ukraine and Georgia, annexed Crimea, hooked up with Iranian terrorist leaders, and has dived head first into the Syrian conflict. Russia is building a foothold in the Middle East in cooperation with Bashar Assad. They’ve also built a new military base on the Ukrainian border.  He is re-arming and building up his weapons stockpiles to levels not seen since the Berlin Wall fell.  When John (“Band-Aid”) Kerry called to voice concern, Russia basically told him to shove it.

Oh yeah, and he’s also got the balls to tell the West ‘not to mess with Russia’, something no Russian thug would have gotten away with under Reagan.  It’s no wonder Putin is so brazen.  The United States has been rendered effectively pussified for the duration of Obama’s tenure, Russia has taken full advantage.

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