Families of Benghazi Victims React to Hillary, Recall Her Blame of Film Maker, ‘Serial Liar’

From Fox News.

A day after new records were made public showing Hillary Clinton said from the start the 2012 Benghazi attack was not linked to an obscure anti-Islam film, the father of a former Navy SEAL killed that night told Fox News she blamed the filmmaker for his son’s death in a conversation with him.

Charles Woods, father of Ty Woods, who died defending the CIA annex, shared with Fox News the diary notes he took after his encounter with Clinton during the ceremony on Sept. 14, 2012, when the bodies were flown back to the U.S.

“I gave Hillary a hug and shook her hand. And she said we are going to have the film maker arrested who was responsible for the death of my son,” the entry says. 

“She said — the filmmaker who was responsible for the death of your son,” Woods emphasized as he read his diary entry. Woods attended Thursday’s hearing where the former secretary of state testified to the Benghazi congressional committee.

“She wasn’t saying the failed foreign policy that I was responsible for. It wasn’t her taking the blame for it. It says we are going to place the responsibility [for] the death of your son on the filmmaker,” he said.

……Woods’ account of what Clinton told him contradicts what then-Secretary Clinton reported to her own family, as well as senior Libyan and Egyptian government officials.

Citing an email Clinton sent to her daughter Chelsea the night of the attack, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said at Thursday’s hearing that she told them, “Two officers were killed today in Benghazi by an Al Qaeda-like group.”

Further, Jordan said she told the Egyptian prime minister the next day that they knew the attack was “planned” and had “nothing to do with the film.”

The innocent filmmaker in question, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, was used as a scapegoat for Obama and Hillary’s coverup. As a matter of fact, the attack was still underway when Hillary and the White House concocted a “blame the video” strategy, in an attempt to offset the fallout from their stupidity and incompetence.  She knew the narrative was a lie but she pushed it anyway.  That man was hounded, persecuted, and jailed for exercising the right to free speech; to slam the very muzzie extremists who worship a violent theocracy and commit atrocities world wide in the name of their ‘religion’. Obama’s jackbooted thugs saw to it. 

From Fox News.

Michael Ingmire watched as Hillary Clinton was grilled for 11 hours Thursday about the 2012 attack in Benghazi that left his nephew and three other Americans dead and saw not a future president, but a “serial liar.”

As a congressional panel pressed the former Secretary of State over the attack on the consulate facility in the Libyan city, Ingmire, uncle of Sean Smith, and relatives of former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty watched from their homes, hoping Clinton’s testimony would yield answers about why additional security was not granted and why she initially blamed the attack on a YouTube video instead of a coordinated act of terrorism.

“The thing that was shocking – one of the pinnacle moments – was the revelation she told her family there was a terrorist attack while she told America something else,” Smith’s uncle, Michael Ingmire, told FoxNews.com. “Mrs. Clinton is a serial liar.

Not just a serial liar, but an experienced corruptocrat. I could have told him that years ago. Oh, wait..


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