Recent Poll Shows Americans Most Afraid of Government Corruption

According to the Survey of American Fear by researchers at Chapman University in California,  the majority of Americans (58 percent) are either “afraid” or “very afraid” of the corruption of government officials. Cyberterrorism also ranked high on the list, with 44.8 percent of those surveyed saying they feared cyber attacks.

americas fear-study-top-10 2015

Those fears are well founded, but what in the fuck are they going to do about it?

Our rights and liberties have been encroached, eroded, and stomped by an out-of-control big government.

If the government monitored muslims—the real threat in this country and around the world—as much as they do outspoken critics of Obama and government corruption,  people wouldn’t be so angry and the feds would be doing this country a good service for a change.

The idea that was once America has given way to stale, bitter cynicism, and submission of the people to oppressive tyranny. Not only do they keep electing the same excrement,  they no longer hold any of them accountable.

Turn the fear into anger.  Take your country back.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sfcmac on 21/10/2015 at 20:24


    There’s a ton of government corruption that affects all of us. ObamaCare, violations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the erosion of individual liberties that didn’t start with Obama, but have certainly escalated. Oppressive government intrusions and regulations impact everyone.
    I agree 100% on the aspect of personal responsibility. On that note, too bad the PC zealots and the lefties have used cultural fascism to enable the assignment of blame to people not included in their protected class of victims. But, I digress.


  2. I’m sure government corruption is real too. I just don’t fear it particularly (despite disapproving) because it’s not very likely to impact my life in any direct way.

    Maybe people prefer these kinds of boogeymen because things like a heart attack from bad diet, lung cancer from smoking, or a stroke from being overweight (all statistically common) are one’s own fault – and people avoid personal responsibility as a matter of habit.


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  4. Posted by sfcmac on 21/10/2015 at 20:08

    Considering everything that’s happened in this country, especially over the last 7 years, the fears over government corruption are well founded. I have much more confidence in my health and road travel than government.



  5. I don’t doubt the survey results, but it confirms for me how silly most people’s fears are. Personally, I fear things like auto accidents and health problems, which are a LOT more likely to happen at any given time than any of these.


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