Dems Block Attempt to Stop ‘Sanctuary Cities’ From Harboring Illegal Alien Criminals

Of course, they’re doing all they can to protect their future constituents.

From Hot Air.

If you think about Sanctuary Cities, they essentially flout the law by giving sanctuary to those already breaking the law, namely illegal (note the word) immigrants. Republicans introduced and tried to pass a bill that would strip these cities of federal funding until they enforced existing law. One of the results of this willful ignoring of the law was the murder of 32-year-old Kate Steinle, who was shot to death while walking on a San Francisco Pier with her father. Her killer, an illegal alien, had been deported 5 times on multiple felonies and been recently released from the custody of the San Francisco County Jail without being turned over to federal immigration authorities.

The bill offered was a means to force compliance with the law from these cities or have them suffer some consequences:

“The bill offered by Sen. David Vitter, R-La., would have cut off law enforcement grants — including money to hire police officers — to more than 300 cities, counties and states with sanctuary policies. The legislation also would have stripped them of community development block grants, which are used to provide housing to low-income and moderate-income families and to help communities recover from natural disasters.”

I’m betting some of those block grants are used to aid and abet the very illegals they should be arresting and deporting.

“Senate Democrats blocked a bill Tuesday that would have punished “sanctuary cities” that protect undocumented immigrants from being turned over to federal agents to face deportation.

Senators voted 54-45 to advance the legislation, falling six votes short of the 60 needed.”

Sen. Ted Cruz summed up the DemProg malfeasance:

“If Democratic senators choose to value partisan loyalty to the Obama administration over protecting the lives of the children who will be murdered by violent criminal illegal aliens in sanctuary cities…that will provide a moment of clarity,” said Cruz.

Families of the victims of illegals have testified before Congress and called for an end to the ‘sanctuary city’ insanity, but the Dem assholes keep protecting illegal aliens instead of obeying the law and protecting American citizens.

Any government that actively engages in the destruction of the sovereignty and security of its own country deserves to be thrown out on its ass.  It’s time for another American revolution.


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