‘Clockmed’ and Family Leaving U.S. for Qatar

He has to hone his real bomb-making skills.

clock vs bomb

Background: A muzzie kid named Ahmed Mohamed, put together a poorly constructed copy of a digital clock that resembled a bomb, and brought it into his high school. He was evasive when questioned about the device and the school called the cops. The ensuing controversy was less about the kid’s deliberate hoax and more about the Left and muzzie radicals’ shrieking about “Islamophobia”.

Ahmed Mohamed’s father, Mohamed El-Hassan Mohamed, routinely returns to Sudan to run for president, likes to call himself a sheik, wears a cleric’s flowing white robes and claims hundreds of followers throughout Egypt, Sudan and in the United States. Except that no one has ever heard of him. Just looking at the background of the father tells you all you need to know about that family.

Anyway, it looks like they’re un-assing the country and moving to Qatar.

From the Dallas Morning News.

After finally meeting Obama last night, Ahmed Mohamed and his family plan to leave the United States for the foreseeable future.

Schools from across the country have made offers to Ahmed since he was arrested at Irving’s MacArthur High last month—his homemade clock confused with a hoax bomb, transforming him into a symbol of perceived anti-Muslim bias.

But apparently it was an offer from the Middle East that most intrigued the family. The Mohameds announced today that they’ve accepted a foundation’s offer to pay for the 14-year-old’s high school and college in Doha, Qatar, which Ahmed visited a few weeks ago as he began a world tour.

His sister, Eyman Mohamed, said Ahmed will study at Doha Academy, while she and his other siblings find schools in the rich capital city, which hosts a huge university complex called Education City.

“Looking at all the great offers we’ve had, it’s the best decision,” said Eyman, 18. “They even have Texas A&M at Qatar … It’s basically like America.”

Uh. no it isn’t.

Al Jazeera, the network for Islamofascist propaganda, is based in Qatar.

Qatar is dominated by Wahhabist extremists, who are sympathetic to terrorist groups. It has emerged as the world’s chief sponsor of Sunni terrorism, it smuggles weapons into Libya and Syria with the complicity of the Obama Administration, and it was also a chief backer of Morsi in Egypt. Qatar is among the chief financial sponsors of international terrorism.

The five Taliban cutthroats Obama exchanged for Bergdahl the deserter/traitor were welcomed by Qatar.

Qatar is under Sharia Law.  Its human rights record is abysmal; forced labor and prostitution, life sentences for speaking against the government, 5 years jail time for being gay, flogging for alcohol consumption and illicit sex, the death penalty for renouncing Islam, and women are treated like chattel. All reasons for any sane person to stay far away from this Islamic cesspool.

The only members of the Mohamed family who should be worried are the wife and daughter, unless they’re gluttons for masochism.

BTW: Little Ahmed met with Omar al-Bashir, dictator of the country he was born in (Sudan) and an accused war criminal.

Good riddance to the cluster of muzzie shitbags. Too bad there aren’t more of them leaving the country.


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