German School Children Perform Servitude for Muzzie ‘Migrants’

In 2011, Merkel and other Euros came to the realization that  multiculturalism is an epic fail. If only they had stuck with that.

Germany is under siege from “refugees” from the Middle East which have added a whole new level of crime, filth, and threat of terrorism.  In spite of the obvious assault on their national sovereignty, some people just can’t get enough.

From Breitbart.

A school in Germany has asked its students to cook and clean for migrants at an asylum centre as part of “practical work experience”. Parents are furious that children will be changing bed linen and working in the kitchens at an asylum system, calling it “servitude”.

Parents were told about the school project in a letter, which was then posted to Facebook. The parent who posted it wrote:

“I am definitely not a hater and am really tolerant, but this is taking things too far. Is there a new subject in Lübeck’s schools called servitude?”

Maybe you’ve just been kicked in the ass by reality and you’re fed up.

The post now has over 2,000 shares and 1,000 comments, many of them asking why the migrants cannot make their own beds and do their own cooking.

Initially many thought it was a joke, but local newspaper SHZ got in touch with the school who then confirmed it was real.

Kiel’s Ministry for Education confirmed that 13 to 14-year-olds from a school in Lübeck will changing bed linen, helping in the kitchen and sorting clothes. A spokeswoman said that the school had the idea because some migrant children sit in the class, and insisted the students themselves thought of the project.

That’s bullshit on stilts. Either those kids don’t understand the consequence of the mass invasion or they were prompted by the teachers to think of something like that. I’m guessing both.

The school project comes as Germans try to deal with the large number of migrants who are now being housed in towns across the country.

Last week, a village was accused of racism after producing a list of basic guidelines for migrants to observe. Advice issued by Hardheim includes learning the German language, paying for groceries and not entering private property.

It also mentioned that women “have the same rights as men” and that migrants should refrain from making sexual advances on “young women” in the town.

The shithead in question, who started a Twitter thread accusing the village of ‘racism’, is offended that  “migrants” should be expected to assimilate, be civilized, and stop acting like animals.  If Karma has any say in this matter, he and other like-minded shit-for-brains will get a good taste of the imported crime.

Breitbart London has also reported how one think tank has said Germans will have to retire later, and possibly even scrap the minimum wage, to pay for the large migrant influx.

Hans-Werner Sinn, president of the Ifo institute said that with more people coming to Germany “we’d better raise the retirement age to feed them”, adding that abolishing the minimum wage will allow firms to hire more low-skilled workers.

That’s another repercussion; paying for the privilege of resident muzzie terrorists, deadbeats, and their spawn.

Welcome to hell, Germany. You got what you asked for.


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