ISIS Atrocities Mount: Forced Cannibalism, Slaughter of Yazidis, Women Brutalized

Yo Barky, if you can tear yourself away from “climate change”,  gays, and illegals. you might want to address this.

From Pam Geller.

Yazidis Blame Obama’s Inaction for Ongoing Atrocities.

It’s not just the Yazidis — every rational, freedom-loving person holds Obama in utter contempt. Obama CREATED the threat by leaving Iraq precipitously and giving an opportunity to this group.

He has denied it has anything to do with Islam. This shows that he is encased in denial and willful ignorance — not a recipe for success or a sign that he is prepared to deal with the threat.

He has armed the Syrian rebels — many of these arms fell into the hands of ISIS, and the Syrian rebels he armed have the same jihad goal that ISIS does. But in Iraq, these people he has supported and armed become the enemy. This is ridiculous and incoherent.

Obama has ignored the most vicious, unimaginable savagery against non-Muslims. This makes him culpable. He’s an ogre.

We held a rally against the Islamic persecution of religious minorities in the summer of 2014 and had leaders of these groups speak. The Yazidi leader begged for help. The rally was ignored by the media or worse, made fun of by left-fascists at the Huffington Post.

ISIS Feeds Starving Mother Her 3-Y-O Child; By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter, October 9, 2015:

“A Yazidi community member has shared a gruesome story where one mother captured by the Islamic State terror group was told she ate the meat of her own toddler.”
The Yazidis have been speaking out about the atrocities they continue suffer at the hands of IS, and have criticized Obama for not doing enough to help them.
Vian Dakhil spoke with Politico on Wednesday and explained that as many as 2,200 Yazidi women and girls have been kidnapped by IS and are being used a sex slaves. Another 420,000 Yazidis are living in refugee camps, which includes thousands of orphans who have no home.

No muzzie savagery is too much for the moral relativism of B. Hussein, who believes it’s his job to promote Islam, and excuse the animals who practice the violent theocracy, the no matter the cost.


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