50th Anniversary of the Ted Kennedy Bill That Led to the Illegal Alien Crisis

From The Conservative Review.

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the 1965 “Hart-Cellar” immigration act, commonly referred to as “the Kennedy Immigration bill.”  At the time, the bill was sold as a modest increase in immigration from the four decades of low immigration and some blatantly discriminatory policies.  Americans were ensured that the bill would not fundamentally alter the character – political, social, or fiscal – of this country.  At the time, Rep. Patsy T. Mink (D-HI) estimated, on average, less than 200,000 immigrants would be admitted per year and predicted that 82% would come from Europe.  Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach predicted the bill would induce a net increase of about 60,000 immigrants per year. [See CIS for more fascinating quotes and promises from political leaders at the time.]

A half century later, this bill turned out to be the most consequential piece of legislation in modern times and has irrevocably transformed America.  Moreover, according to a new comprehensive analysis of immigration trends from Pew Hispanic, we have not even witnessed the peak from this unprecedented wave of immigration.

This blockbuster Pew report exposes trends in immigration that are not only antithetical to anything our Founders envisioned as it relates to immigration, but run contrary to a number of promises given by supporters of the 1965 immigration bill.  As you read these statistics, keep in mind that nobody ever voted for this transformation in a transparent manner.  Also remember, that these numbers are the reality under current law and the existing trajectory – the very system the majority of the political class deems too restrictive.

We don’t need a Pew report to show us the devastating result of unchecked “immigration”.

The Dems want to add as many of these dredges to their voting bloc as they can, which is why they push so hard for open borders and amnesty.

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