14th Anniversary of 9/11

It’s been 14 years since almost 3000 people were murdered by muslims on our soil, but in case you’ve forgotten, we are still at war with subhuman cutthroats who want to turn the West into a subservient Caliphate.

Since Obama was installed, the Al Qaeda, Taliban, and every other Islamic terrorist group has made a comeback. All the gains we made in Iraq and Afghanistan have been flushed down the toilet.  Obama’s failure as a human being and ‘president’ has had disastrous effects on America’s national security and world standing.  All his efforts for the last 7 years have been for kissing the asses of muzzie despots and eviscerating and disrespecting the military.

No where was that more apparent than when he exchanged 5 of the worst muzzie terrorists on the planet for a deserter/traitor who should have been left to rot with the Taliban.

Thanks to Obama the “JV Team” has gone varsity.  In what can only be explained as a gesture of pro-Islamic malfeasance, Obama gave Iran the green light to make nuclear weapons.

With a douche like him in the Oval Office, who the fuck needs Al Qaeda?

Even as our country is being saturated with incessant surveillance by government agencies and their contractors, the muzzies continue to operate in America, carte blanche.  Their idea of ‘security’ is to drag a surveillance net over the entire country, without regard to the rights of the innocent people they violate in the process. If any of the national security agencies have bona fide intelligence on terrorist threats in America, and believe me there are plenty, then by all means, I want them to use every resource they have to get so far up their ass, they’ll feel like they’re getting a colonoscopy. There needs to be strict, common sense oversight based on verified indications and warnings.  The problem is, any power created for clandestine use can be abused. The erosion of America’s civil and personal liberties has taken on evil proportions. Obama’s abuse of power in particular, is unprecedented. It’s not just the government, private omnipresent companies  like Google are doing the same thing. They collaborate with government agencies in exchange for political favors.

They’re too busy targeting patriots and outspoken critics of Obama, instead of ridding the country of the Islamofascist pigs who want us all dead. America’s national security is being sacrificed because the PC shitbags in the Obama regime don’t want to offend the enemy.

My yearly statement:

It’s damned important that we remember not just the heinous attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the one thwarted by brave people over a field in Shanksville, Pa., but resolve that it never happens again.

You’d have thought that Pearl Harbor taught us a lesson, but 60 years had passed, memories faded, and complacency set in.   There is a different enemy this time around, but they’re just as determined.

Our borders leak like sieves, our immigration policies are lax, and we have slid back into complacency.

Al Qaeda holds Death To The West conferences in  Chicago, there’s a substantial radical muzzie enclave in Dearborn, Michigan,  and Jamaat Al Fuqra terrorists have established training centers within our own borders.  The Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab-American Action Network, and CAIR, three major facilitators of Islamic terrorism, operate freely in the United States. What the hell are they doing here?  They have no damned business being in this country.

The way our security is handled, especially with Johnson, Pistole, and Obama in charge, gives muslims the green light to plan and carry out more attacks.   The ratio of arrests compared to the existing threat is alarming.  Just think of the hundreds of muslim extremists they haven’t caught.

The  gutless refusal of the TSA and DHS to profile at our airports and scrutinize the muslim organizations in America, will probably result in another catastrophic attack.  It’s PC collusion at its worst.  Last time they targeted buildings full of military personnel and civilians, using passenger planes as human-filled missiles.  Future attacks could involve our infrastucture—electric and nuclear power plants, oil refineries, water treatment facilities, and internet servers. Biological and chemical weapons are portable and easy to deploy.  A bio agent like Ricin is inexpensive and can be produced in mass quantities.  It can be in liquid or powdered form, and  dispersed in food, water, and through aerosol methods.  Right now, there is no known antidote.

The next mass attack will make 9/11 look like a fucking picnic. I hope for the sake of my country that I am wrong, but I don’t think so.

The problem is–and this cannot be stressed enough–is that the enemy has patience.  In 1993, they carried out the first attack on the World Trade Center.  People tend to forget that.  Eight years later, they successfully brought down both towers, rammed into the Pentagon, and were foiled in a third attack by brave souls on United Flight 93.  They understand us better than we understand them. They will continue to exploit our openness and unwillingness to completely destroy the Islamic nation-states who fund, train, and indoctrinate their terrorist spawns.

Atrocities and brutality are carried out worldwide in the name of their “Islam”, but Western civilization is oblivious.

Terrorism is part of Islamic doctrine. Muzzie terrorists are trained, funded, indoctrinated, supported, and bred all across the Middle East. It’s the epicenter of Islamofascism. This could have been finished years ago if we had actually fought a war instead of piecemeal battles in Iraq and Afghanistan. This war—any war— can be brought to a relatively quick finish by dedicating every military resource—tactical, strategic, and intelligence—to kill the enemy. They attack as, we annihilate them. Every single one of them. It isn’t hard. Pick your targets and commence fire.  I’d have started with all the capitals: Baghdad, Damascus, Kabul, Riyadh, Tehran, Islamabad, Amman, all of them.

Unless or until we are willing to reciprocate with the same brutality, they will be back.

Til then, this war ain’t over by a long shot.

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