Another Black Supremacist Threatens Whites, Cops on 9/11

Paging Barky, the FBI, and the DHS.

Hat tip to LTC Allen West.

Get a load of the ugly muthafucka in the video. He calls himself “King Noble”, and he’s declared a race war on white people. Looks like a bad imitation of the cowardly lion wig.


He’s like the shitbags in the “black lives matter” crowd, but his particular cause is the  “#fukyoflag” movement.  In his rant, he informs his fellow thugs to “get your black ass THERE”—at Stone Mountain— to “witness the end of United States imperialism and white supremacy”. Furthermore, according to this rambling, subhuman retard, the American flag is racist and protects the freedoms of (white) racist groups to project hatred. Well, by the same token, the BLM, Black Panthers, and Nation of Islam haters get the same free speech.


“It’s open season on killing white people and crackers,” King Noble says in a chilling Youtube rant. “The Black Lives Matter movement wasn’t enough.”

Noble calls for more execution-style killings of police officers similar to the slaying of Texas sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth.

“It’s not safe no more to be white in America. Lurking behind any corner could be an angry black man ready to take yo ass out. It’s a reality,” he said. “It’s open season on killing whites and police.”

This moron’s You Tube channel is full of videos about the “matrix apocalypse”, “crackers”, black supremacy, and that black nationalist militants like the New Black Panthers are “not concerned with racism”, and not militant enough. So far, this trash talking  piece of smegma  is all talk and no action.  I have a newsflash for any militant who wants to start that race war they’ve been itching for: There’s a lot of white people like me who are armed and we won’t hesitate to shoot.


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  1. Posted by hocuspocus13 on 10/09/2015 at 17:56

    Ship him off to the Middle East

    He looks like he could use a vacation


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