Why Hillary’s Emails and Security Breach Matters

From The Examiner.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Sergey Lavrov — or perhaps you haven’t. He has been Russia’s foreign minister since March 9, 2004.

Imagine what U.S. intelligence agencies might have gained if they’d had access in real time (or even with some delay) to every email and direct message Lavrov sent or received from Jan. 21, 2009 through Feb. 1, 2013.

Those were tumultuous years for Russia. Vladimir Putin returned to the presidency, replacing Dimitry Medvedev. The Obama-Medvedev Commission was formed at the beginning of that period — the vehicle by which the relations between Russia and the United States were to have improved across a variety of crucial fronts.

Yang Jiechi was the foreign minister of the People’s Republic of China during those years. Imagine if President Obama had had access to all of Yang’s Internet trails and the data that flowed to and from his virtual desk. What an advantage to our president that would have been! What a trove of insight into the ambitions of the PRC’s inner core of powerful party elites.

……The dates above, of course, are the dates during which Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. Those dates, from beginning to end, were dates in which her secret, private server whirred away wherever it was kept, sending and receiving intelligence of the highest quality from who knows how many documents officially classified by the U.S. government as secret, top secret, or what is known as “sensitive, compartmented information” (“SCI”) in the world of intelligence professionals.

And of course, everything the United States secretary of state sends or receives is intelligence of the highest value to our adversaries. Much of it is formally classified — “born classified” as one pro put it this week — of inestimable value to the decision makers of powers hostile to America, especially in wartime. How valuable would it have been to Putin or Hu to know, for example, that the U.S. was quitting Iraq without a Status of Forces Agreement abruptly in December 2011? How valuable to our Iranian enemies, engaged even then in the killing of U.S. troops, to know exactly when the president and his secretary of state would pull the plug on Iraq’s government?

Gawd only knows how much of those highly classified, unsecure emails were either hacked or leaked to the wrong people.

But like I say: When’s the fucking prosecution?

I was an intelligence analyst for the bulk of my Army service. Security was pounded into our heads. You do not grant access to uncleared personnel, nor do you store classified information in unaccredited computers or equipment. If you’re Hillary Clinton, such things are trivial.

Last I checked, that’s an offense punishable by prison time. If she were a Republican, the leftwing drive-by media would be having grand mal seizures.

Hillary and Bubba have gotten away with quite a bit in their political careers.  They’ve engaged in graft, abuse of office, cover-ups and treason, and aside from Bubba’s impeachment, which was a joke, neither one has been held accountable.

Don’t expect anything to happen over this, either.


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