Gays in the Middle East: Marked for Death

And yet the LGBT militant fascists in this country threaten death to Christian bakers over a damned wedding cake.

From (surprisingly) the leftwing rag New York Times.

As he tried to concentrate on his final college exams, he couldn’t erase the terrifying images in his head, an endless replay of a video he’d seen. It showed two men being killed — their necks noosed, their bodies dragged through the streets and set on fire.

They had burned, he told me, because they were gay.

Just like him.

Islamic extremism was sweeping through Iraq, and terror coursed through his veins. It became unbearable when, in mid-2014, the Islamic State seized control of the city where he lived. He fled, traveling furtively across Iraq for nearly a month, looking for a point of exit, finally finding one and boarding a flight to a city in the Middle East where he wouldn’t be in danger.

“The greatest moment of my life was stepping on that plane,” said the man, in his mid-20s, who asked that I not use his name or any identifying details, lest harm come to family members back in Iraq. “I was able to breathe again. I hadn’t been breathing.”

On Monday, he will tell his story at a special United Nations Security Council meeting on L.G.B.T. rights. American officials involved in it arranged for me to talk with him in advance by phone.

Although Monday’s discussion isn’t a formal one that Security Council members are required to attend, it’s nonetheless the first time that the council has held a meeting of any kind that’s dedicated to the persecution of L.G.B.T. people, according to Samantha Power, the United States ambassador to the United Nations.

And it’s an example, she told me, of a determined push by the United States and other countries to integrate L.G.B.T. rights into all discussions of human rights by international bodies like the U.N.

“We’re trying to get it into the DNA so that when you’re talking about minorities or vulnerable groups, you would always have L.G.B.T. people included,” Power said.

Funny how Power mentions the U.N. You’d have thought that with all the other radical ’causes’ it adopts, that the LGBT crap would be a cinch.

But, this is the same corrupt U.N. that  functions as a tool for muzzie extremists and communists. It elected a representative from Iran, one of the worst violators of women’s rights, to a women’s rights committee. Islamic oppression subjects women to the brutality of stonings, “honor killings”, body bags (aka burquas) and relegates them to little more than chattel, yet the douchebags at the U.N. thought this would be a nifty idea. It allowed Iranian despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to spew anti-American, anti-Semitic garbage from the podium.

The abuse and hate crimes against gays  in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, and the rest of the Islamic nation states escapes the U.N.’s scrutiny.  “Promoting same-sex marriage” in any one of those cesspools results in hanging, beheading, stoning, or being heaved off of tall buildings.  On the other hand, the Gaystapo in this country has gotten totally out of control.

A timeline of just some of the anti-gay executions in the Middle East, HERE.

Christian business owners who simply express their opposition to catering gay weddings, are blasted with the accusation of “intolerance”. If the leftie gays and their supporters want to show some real guts, travel to Islamofascist countries to get a real taste of religious intolerance.

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