Restaurant Owners Remove Sign With the Word ‘Bacon’ Because it Offended a Muzzie

When American citizens surrender their free speech rights to muzzies over the word “bacon”, you know this country is in deep shit.

From The Blaze.

In Winooski, Vermont, city officials like to involve local businesses in its efforts to keep flower beds healthy and thriving in town.

The deal is that if shops help with gardening, they can post advertisements for their services in those same spots, noted WPTZ-TV in Burlington.

So after Sneakers Bistro & Cafe kicked in for “Operation Bloom” at the bottom of the Winooski Circle, the restaurant put a bright yellow sign on a lamp post telling drivers to “Yield for Bacon” at Sneakers.

Soon a discussion about diversity was underway on the Winooski Front Porch Forum, highlighted by one woman who wrote that the sign was insensitive to those who don’t consume pork — and as a Muslim she’s offended by it, WPTZ reported.

Once the bistro owners found out about the complaint, they told the station they reached out to the woman and then took the sign down.

WPTZ added that the owners also said they regret any harm caused by the sign — and that their goal never was to cause stress or bad feelings.

Not that Winooski townsfolk harbored similar concerns.

……comments on social media overwhelmingly hammered Sneakers owners for taking down the sign:

Image source: Twitter

The best comment comes from a poster at The Blaze:


Aug. 25, 2014 at 9:44am

Not going to happen here. I find this whole story offensive and extremely worrisome. I’m an Orthodox Jew. We don’t eat pork. But it’s none of our business to tell other people what to eat. This Muslim is a loser and should move back to Arabia, where she can wear her burqa over her clitoridectomy.

I’m more alarmed about the pathetic, wimpy, limp-wristed response of this cafe. This is really an ominous sign for the survival of Western civilization. (Just curious how they would respond if I objected to seeing a same-sex couple in their cafe?)


I’m offended by Islam. It’s a violent, misogynist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, gutter theocracy. Why are such vile, offensive, excrement allowed to operate in this country?

If the little muzzie scrunt wants to find something offensive, look no further than the way women are treated under the ‘religion’ that equates her with bacon; “honor killings”, beatings, genital mutilation, attempted murders, rape, and disfigurement for the sin of refusing arranged marriages to fetid 70 year-old goat herders.

But the innocuous word “bacon” gets her fucking hijab in a bunch. I bet walking by pork products in the meat section at the local grocery store, really makes her head explode.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jeffrey Washington on 21/08/2015 at 19:30

    I suggest having a ” Free Bacon” day and make sure the booth that it’s being distributed from is as close to this bitchs house as possible. She offends ME! Can we remove her too.
    Jeffrey Washington


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