DemProg Jackboots Who Invaded Homes of Scott Walker Supporters, Get Slapped Down in Wisconsin Supreme Court

Background: Between 2010 and 2012,  John Chisholm, a Democrat from the office of the Milwaukee district attorney, turned an investigation of embezzlement into a full blown blitzkrieg involving home invasions against American citizens guilty of nothing more than exercising their First Amendment rights to support Act 10 and other conservative causes in Wisconsin.  This kind of shit is sanctioned by the Left and excused by their media tools.

The victims, led by Eric O’Keefe and the Wisconsin Club for Growth, took a lawsuit against Chisholm and his gang of thugs all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The decision did not go well for Chisholm.

Hat tip to Gabriel Malor.


wisconsin supreme court decision agaianst da chisholm1

wisconsin supreme court decision agaianst da chisholm2



More excerpts from the ruling at Legal Insurrection:

……Having reached our conclusion about the scope of conduct regulated by Chapter 11, we now turn to the special prosecutor’s theories of coordination and whether the alleged conduct is regulated under Wisconsin law.[23] The special prosecutor has disregarded the vital principle that in our nation and our state political speech is a fundamental right and is afforded the highest level of protection. The special prosecutor’s theories, rather than “assur[ing] [the] unfettered interchange of ideas for the bringing about of political and social changes desired by the people,” Roth, 354 U.S. at 484, instead would assure that such political speech will be investigated with paramilitary-style home invasions conducted in the pre-dawn hours and then prosecuted and punished. In short, the special prosecutor completely ignores the command that, when seeking to regulate issue advocacy groups, such regulation must be done with “narrow specificity.” Barland II, 751 F.3d at 811 (quotations omitted).

¶69 The limiting construction that we apply makes clear that the special prosecutor’s theories are unsupportable in law given that the theories rely on overbroad and vague statutes. By limiting the definition of “political purposes” to express advocacy and its functional equivalent, political speech continues to be protected as a fundamental First Amendment right.

¶133 Our lengthy discussion of these three cases can be distilled into a few simple, but important, points. It is utterly clear that the special prosecutor has employed theories of law that do not exist in order to investigate citizens who were wholly innocent of any wrongdoing. In other words, the special prosecutor was the instigator of a “perfect storm” of wrongs that was visited upon the innocent Unnamed Movants and those who dared to associate with them. It is fortunate, indeed, for every other citizen of this great State who is interested in the protection of fundamental liberties that the special prosecutor chose as his targets innocent citizens who had both the will and the means to fight the unlimited resources of an unjust prosecution. Further, these brave individuals played a crucial role in presenting this court with an opportunity to re-endorse its commitment to upholding the fundamental right of each and every citizen to engage in lawful political activity and to do so free from the fear of the tyrannical retribution of arbitrary or capricious governmental prosecution. Let one point be clear: our conclusion today ends this unconstitutional John Doe investigation.

During the union protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s budget/collective bargaining bill, the goons made death threats, and ransacked offices to steal recall petitions.  Chisholm’s fascism is part of that.

What happened in Wisconsin is similar to Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. A cabal of Demprog storm troopers literally trampled the Constitutional rights of citizens and broke the law in the process. Wisconsin is a veritable cesspool of union thugs and DemProglodytes hellbent on squashing anyone who stands in the way of their  corruption. Chisholm and his cronies should be charged with abuse of office and unlawful intimidation and frogmarched off to jail.

Don’t expect Obama’s DOJ to do anything about it. They’re too busy shredding the Bill of Rights and breaking the law themselves.

I hope Eric O’Keefe and his fellow compatriots bring a fucking sledgehammer of lawsuits and charges against Chisholm and his cabal.

Chisholm’s website:  and email:

Drop him a line.

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