Obama Gives Iran the Bomb, Iranians Ecstatic

That’s exactly what he’s just done.

From Vocativ.

Iranians posting across social media platforms are elated that Iran and six world powers reached a historic nuclear deal Tuesday after almost a decade of negotiations.

……Iranians are declaring online that the deal is a victory, posting ‎#IranWinsPeace in thousands of tweets and Instagram posts since Monday. “I hope that good days are waiting for us,” someone tweeted from Tehran, using the hashtag. “The Iranians showed that they are civilized and rational people.”

‘Civilized and rational’, my ass. One of the worst Islamofascist nation-states, not to mention terrorist facilitator, is doing cartwheels for a reason:

The agreement, which was finalized in Vienna, would lift international sanctions on Iran and permit it to continue key elements of its nuclear work, as well as research and development.

Iran will be permitted to continue spinning centrifuges, which are used to enrich uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon. Western powers will also work with Iran to help it install and operate more advanced centrifuges, according to those apprised of the deal.

This concession—as well as a range of others made by the United States—has rattled analysts and lawmakers, who have maintained that Iran should not be permitted to retain the core aspects of a nuclear program.

Sanctions also will be lifted on Iran, including those on the country’s banks and financial sectors, which have long supported Iran’s nuclear program as well as its sponsorship of international terrorist groups.

In one of the most controversial concessions made by the Obama administration, a United Nations embargo on arms will also be lifted within around five years as part of the deal, according to multiple reports. A similar embargo on the construction of ballistic missiles, which could carry a nuclear payload, also will expire in around eight years under the deal.

Iran gets permission to continue their nuclear program, and squelch inspections.  Relief will also be given to Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani, who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American Soldiers during the Iraq war.

Thanks, Barky.

Not surprisingly, our only ME ally, Israel, is not pleased.

Via Defense One:

……After some paperwork, the deal will be submitted to Congress, beginning a 60-day period of public debate and congressional review. (The May law allows the House and Senate to seek an 12-day extension by sending a joint resolution to the president.) During that time, Congress can vote to approve or disapprove of the deal — or not act at all. If lawmakers vote no, and Obama makes good on his promise to veto such a decision, Congress will then have 10 days to try to override it.

Under that law, Obama is prevented from waiving or suspending congressionally imposed sanctions on Iran before Congress approves or disapproves (or ignores) a final agreement. But that doesn’t include other U.S. sanctions or those imposed by the United Nations, which Obama said will be lifted in phases as Iran takes steps to implement the deal. Sanctions on Iran’s access to arms and ballistic weapons will remain in place for five years and eight years respectively.

……“It’s going to be a very hard sell, if it’s completed, in Congress,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Well, Mitch, unless you RINOs scrape together a two-thirds majority in both chambers to override a veto, Obama gets another in-your-face win.

That letter the GOP wrote to Iran  which challenged Obama’s ability to strike a permanent nuclear deal with Tehran, didn’t really mean a thing.

Obama’s been gearing up for this since the declaration of “negotiation without preconditions”.

And besides, the Iranians won’t use nuclear capabilities for weapons because his good buddy the Ayatollah said so.

Iran already has nuclear weapons capability due to decades of failure by the West to stop them.  It will still race toward building a nuclear bomb, threaten Israel, and export terrorism, regardless of Obama’s placating.



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