For What it’s Worth: Another Court Decision Against Barky’s Illegal Alien Amnesty

From Breitbart.

If the rule of law still meant anything in Obama’s America, the President’s agenda of amnesty for illegal aliens would be in big trouble. It doesn’t, so the Administration just keeps pumping out amnesty documents, no matter how often federal courts order them to stop.
Team Obama even stooped to flat-out lying to a federal judge about the need for a temporary injunction to stop the amnesty printing press. Later they made a “surprise filing” to the judge disclosing that their previous statements were false, and – whoopsie! – they had already tossed 100,000 amnesty packages out.

So the news from Politico that “… Obama appears likely to lose – again – in the protracted legal fight over his executive actions on immigration” doesn’t really mean much.

This all has nothing to do with laws, courts, elections, or the will of the American people. It’s a pure exercise in absolute tyranny. The Ruling Class has decided to import a new electorate, a perfect combination of cheap labor for Big Business and reliable Big Government votes for Democrats. No court, no vote, no crime wave, and no outcry from legitimate American citizens is going to stop them.

It’s all about using executive fiat to change the facts on the ground quickly. By the time courts and voters catch up, riding upon the relatively slow rails of legal and electoral process, hundreds of thousands of people will have been given citizenship and welfare benefits that cannot be taken away from them.

……As for the judge who was deceived and defied by the Administration, District Judge Andrew Hanen in Texas, he still seems to be operating under the impression that some sort of “law” applies to King Barack I and his imported supplicants. He ordered the Administration to rescind 2,000 work permits for illegals issued in defiance of his orders, and they simply ignored him. In fact, they issued another 500 three-year work permits after his block orders were handed down.

Hanen had already halted Obama’s unlawful, unconstitutional amnesty tactic, and used Obama’s own words in his decision.  The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reinforced that decision by effectively telling Obama he can’t prevent the deportation of 5 million illegals.

After the Obama regime lied about suspending the release of spawns of illegal alien parents, Hanen expressed regret that he had fallen for it and ‘felt like an idiot’.

Hanen just ordered top DHS officials, including Jeh Johnson, to appear in court and explain why they violated his court injunction on illegals.  The man actually expects the Obama regime to respect the laws its been breaking for the last 7 years.

……It’s a bit uncomfortable for the illegal immigration caucus that a few high-profile murders by illegal aliens are threatening to awaken the public to the dangers of their agenda, including one committed by a twice-deported illegal just a few miles from the nominal home of the leading Democrat candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. It’s providing an unexpected boost for the only presidential candidate thus far willing to discuss the issue frankly, Donald Trump – in part because he’s getting a white-hot media spotlight from “journalists” who think they can paint him as a xenophobe, and spread the smear to the rest of the Republican Party.

This is typical shit from a corrupt, out-of-control oligarchy that openly flaunts its disdain for the law, and harbors illegal aliens as part of its domestic agenda.

While the moonbats on the Left and the RINO idiots vilify Donald Trump for daring to speak the truth about the out of control illegal alien crisis, the border still leaks like a fucking sieve, illegals continue their carnage, Obama keeps breaking the law, and nothing is being done to stop it.



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