Muzzie Terrorists Attack French Factory, Several Insured, One Beheaded

Allah U Fuckbar…

From Fox News.

One person was decapitated and several others were injured in an apparent terror attack at a chemical factory in eastern France Friday morning, local media reported.

According to Le Dauphine newspaper, a loud explosion was reported at approximately 9:50 a.m. local time in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, northwest of the Alpine city of Grenoble.

According to the paper, a man walked into the company’s offices saying he was a member of ISIS and carrying one of the terror group’s flags. After beheading a man at the company’s entrance, he went into the building and set off several gas canisters.

A French security official (said) that two attackers arrived at the factory in a car, bearing banners written in Arabic, and set off an explosion. One of the attackers was arrested, and local media reported that the man was known to authorities.

French authorities tell Fox News that approximately ten people were injured. A local police deputy described the attack as “definitely” a terrorist act.


Man’s head ‘covered in Arabic writing’ and hung on fence next to Islamist flag in France.

The West had better wake up and realize that these muzzie mutherfuckers are serious and we need to do what it takes to eradicate them from the gene pool.

There are reasons why they feel confident and able to carry out terrorism against Western civilization.

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