FYI: GOP Alternatives to ObamaCare Monstrosity Were Thrown Out by Dems

The Republicans submitted several good alternatives to ObamaCare, and every single one was dismissed by the Dems before they rammed ObamaCare through the legislature. They contain preventive health care, tax credits, reduction of fraud and abuse in existing federal health care programs, and tort reform.

The Patient’s Choice Act of 2009

Health Care Freedom Plan, S. 1324

Empowering Patients First Act, H.R. 3400

CEO John Mackey’s:

Millions of Americans lost the affordable healthcare they already had before ObamaCare forced them out of it and into a socialist Frankenstein fraught with sky-high premiums and incredible tax hikes.

The subsidies that the idiots at the SCOTUS just foisted on the taxpayers, will run into the billions.

The healthcare system in this country is spiraling out of control.  Doctors are refusing patients, small businesses are being squeezed, and is putting a dent in jobs and the economy.

Of course, the same DemProg assholes who shoved ObamaCare down our throats, wouldn’t dare subject themselves to the same screwed up healthcare system.

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