Left-Leaning SCOTUS Allows Subsidies for ObamaCare, Taxpayer Burden Expected to Reach into the Billions



From Fox News.

In the second major court win for Obama on his signature health care law, the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld ObamaCare subsidies in states that did not set up their own health care exchanges.

Ruling, HERE.

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in: Roberts Has Reached to ‘Bizarre Contortions’ to Save ObamaCare.

Scalia: Start calling it SCOTUSCare:

In a landmark 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the Affordable Care Act’s insurance subsidies in every state.

The decision in the King v. Burwell case is a win for the White House. For Justice Antonin Scalia, who wrote the dissenting opinion, the majority opinion, which was authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, is a “defense of the indefensible.”

The decision, Scalia wrote, “rewrites the law.”

“We should start calling this law SCOTUScare,” he wrote.

He continued: “Rather than rewriting the law under the pretense of interpreting it, the Court should have left it to Congress to decide what to do about the Act’s limitation of tax credits to state exchanges,” Scalia wrote.

The ruling rejects a lawsuit that aimed to gut federal health-care subsidies for people in 34 states. If the Court had ruled the other way, more than 6 million people would have been at risk of losing their coverage.

Except that millions of Americans lost the affordable healthcare they already had before ObamaCare forced them out of it and into a socialist Frankenstein fraught with sky-high premiums and incredible tax hikes.

Scalia was joined by justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito in his dissent. Scalia took issue with the majority’s interpretation of the language within the Affordable Care Act. The law states that in order for people to qualify for health care subsidies, they need to be “enrolled in through an exchange established by the state.” The majority upheld that by “state,” the law referred to individual state exchanges or exchanges set up by the federal government. Otherwise, the majority opinion stated, state exchanges would drown in a “death spiral.”

Roberts wrote that it is implausible that Congress meant the Act to operate in this manner.”

The DemProg majority that held power in 2010 meant it to operate this way; certainly not the GOP opponents nor the American people who are vehemently against it. The SCOTUS has slapped the face of the people, but then, that’s what Barky has done the last 7 years.

“The Secretary of Health and Human Services is not a State,” he wrote.”Words no longer have meaning if an exchange that is not established by a state is ‘established by the state.'”

King v. Burwell was one of the biggest legal challenges to Obamacare since 2012, when the Court upheld Obamacare’s individual mandate. In the conclusion of his dissent, Scalia said the Court got it wrong both times—and that it has shown bias toward the Obama administration’s policies.

The Dems pushed through an oppressive, unconstitutional law, the SCOTUS ruled against the individual government mandate but upheld it as a tax.

With this latest travesty, the taxpayer will be fleeced even more. The impact on the taxpayer and the national debt: 18 new taxes and penalties and an additional  $1.8 trillion over the next decade added to the national debt.

But, not to worry. Obama says that the government will pick up the tab. 

Where in the fuck does that dumbass think the money for that “tab” comes from?

A couple of illustrations for the ObamaCare-supporting ding dongs:


You’ve been “Grubered”, assholes.

When this disaster gets to the point where Americans can no longer stand the ObamaCare albatross, they might do something about it.

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