The Ramifications of ObamaTrade

And yet the RINOs, who didn’t bother to read the bill,  helped pass this shit.

It just cleared final approval in the Senate, which means it’s headed to Barky’s desk.


……As has been the case with past trade agreements, if Congress or even state lawmakers sought to make changes in laws, for example establishing or adjusting licensing, skill, or educational requirements that effectively closed off opportunities for say, Malaysian machinists, Honduran welders, or Mauritanian dentists, that could instigate a trade dispute that would have to be decided by an international tribunal established by the treaty. Historically, the United States has not come out on top in these disputes and can be sanctioned if the laws are not dropped.

The effect would be that control over our guestworker programs and other occupational regulations would shift away from our representative bodies to an international tribunal of trade regulators whose mission in life is to enforce the treaty provisions allowing the international movement of people and open access for service-providing corporations.

Senators should remember that a vote in support of Obama’s trade agenda is a vote to constrain their constitutional authority to adjust immigration laws so that they serve our national interest, not private or foreign interests.

The bill contains the aspect of ‘global governance‘ which transfers our sovereignty over the decisions on trade to a transnational structure.

With the blessing of RINO idiots, Obama just  grabbed more unconstitutional power and surrendered the United States trade aggreements to a global ‘world community’.

There’s a lot at stake in this monstrosity, not the least of which are concerns over privacy and abuse of authority.

John Boehner, who turned out to be a total pussy, has engaged in petty retaliation against Republicans who opposed this mess.

Once this insanity goes into effect, it will not end well.



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