Nikki Haley Panders to the Perpetually Outraged Race-Baiters

BREAKING NEWS: SC governor calls for removal of Confederate flag from Statehouse grounds.

.: “Bringing down the Confederate flag will not bring back the 9 kind souls that were taken from us.”

Exactly. So stop focusing on a flag.

.: “Hate-filled murderer who massacred our brothers & sisters… has a sick & twisted view of the flag.”

Ya think?

: “We are not going to allow this symbol to divide us any longer.”

Obama’s done such a good job at divisiveness, why compete?

: “The fact that it causes pain to so many is enough to move it from the capitol grounds.”

Vandals defaced ‘racist’ Confederate monuments. Guess you’d better remove them too.


2 responses to this post.

  1. peeple that have ONLY three brain cells think that the flag of he CSA is racerist…
    fook ’em!!!…
    states rights!!!…that’s what the war was about…
    one mo’ fookin’ gubmint thing that went fookin’ wrong…
    WE’S FOOK’D…
    WE’S DOOM’D…
    WE’S FUCK’D…
    you, me, the rest of our shipmates can’t do diddly squat!!!…
    WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE???…a quote from our future presidunce…
    the nicecleanarticulateniggrahboy from kinya has the POWER…
    we lost…startin’ in 4/11/51…


  2. Posted by hocuspocus13 on 22/06/2015 at 18:26

    The Confederate Flag is a symbol that belongs to the Southern Democrats


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