Obama Blames His Epic Fails on America, Congress

Hat tip to Downtrend.

……Barack Obama unleashed a torrent of frustration Thursday night over Washington gridlock and acknowledged he has not been able to bring the hope and change to America’s political system that he campaigned on.

… Obama decried inaction over gun control, poverty, stagnant incomes, criminal justice reform and equal opportunity.

……He spoke of a Colorado man who wrote him a letter decrying all that had not been accomplished during his presidency. Obama said the man wrote that he voted for him twice but was “deeply disappointed.”

“He thought that when I got to Washington I could bring people together and make them work more effectively, and the fact of the matter is that Washington is still gridlocked and still seems obsessed with the short-term and the next election instead of the next generation,” Obama said. “And on that issue, I had to tell him, ‘You’re right. I am frustrated and you have every right to be frustrated because Congress doesn’t work the way it should.”

……“The incentives that are built into the system reward short term, reward a polarized politics, reward being simplistic instead of being true, reward division. And as mightily as I have struggled against that, I told him, ‘You’re right. It still is broken.’”

The SCOAMF’s done a lot of damage to the country, but roadblocks like the Constitution and fed up patriots stand in his way.

Hell, it’s not like minorities and white liberals didn’t give him a second chance to finish destroying the country. Gawd knows  he’s done enough damage.

Over the last 7 years, Barky has blamed the GOP, racism, bloggers, America’s founders, technology, George W. Bush, the intelligence community, and a video for his multiple fuck ups.

It’s couldn’t be that he’s a narcissistic sociopath and a corrupt shitbag with an emperor complex.

They voted pigment over substance and they’re surprised when the results are less than spectacular.

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  1. […] a few days ago he blamed Congress and the entire country. Over the last 7 years, Barky has blamed the GOP, racism, bloggers, America’s founders, […]


  2. now jist wait a fookin’ minit!!!…
    ya mean it ain’t all W’s fawlt???…
    there are udders to blame???…
    well spank my barnacull encrusted pimply ass…
    not all W’s fawlt???…now that jist beats all…


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