Obama Regime Gives Tips to Illegals on Getting Work Permits, Crime Rate by Illegals Skyrockets

From The National Review.

Three recent items highlight the continuing collapse of interior immigration enforcement under Obama. The first is information pried out of DHS by Senators Grassley and Sessions: One hundred twenty-one convicted criminals who faced deportation orders between 2010 and 2014 were never removed from the country and now face murder charges, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Just to be clear, these were convicted criminals, in ICE custody, who had been ordered deported but were instead released back into U.S. communities, and then went on to murder Americans. Most were released simply because the administration didn’t want to detain them. Only for two dozen does the administration have any excuse at all, saying that they had to be released because their home countries wouldn’t take them back.
……Some of the blood of these 121 murdered Americans (whose names we don’t know, presumably because ICE is protecting their murders’ privacy rights) is on the hands of this administration, which chose to release the convicted criminal aliens back into the United States rather than keep them in detention. If that’s not depressing enough, Maria Sachetti at the Boston Globe has done yeoman’s work in uncovering hundreds of immigrant sex criminals whom ICE let go because of the same Supreme Court ruling – without even making sure they were registered with local authorities as sex offenders.

Here’s what happened in several instances after their release by ICE: Immigration officials tried to deport Luis-Leyva Vargas, 47, to Cuba after he served three years in a Florida prison for unlawful sex with a teen. In 2008, officials released him. Two years later, he kidnapped an 18-year-old in Rockingham County, Va., at knifepoint and raped her. Now he is serving a 55-year prison sentence. Felix Rodriguez, a 67-year-old sex offender convicted of raping children as young as 4 in the 1990s, was freed in 2009, also because Cuba would not take him back. Months later, he fatally shot his girlfriend in Kansas City. He pleaded guilty and is serving 10 years in a Missouri prison. Andrew Rui Stanley, convicted in 2000 of multiple counts of sodomizing a child when Stanley was 14, was released in 2009 after Brazil failed to provide a passport needed to send him home. For the next two years, he viciously abused three children in St. Louis and now, at age 31, will be in prison for the rest of his life.

None of these sickening crimes should have been allowed to occur. An administration that took public safety seriously would find ways to detain criminals until they could be deported, and apply whatever pressure was needed to get their native countries to comply. But this is not that administration.

Obama’s goal is to eviscerate national sovereignty, subvert the law to push his vision of ‘diversity’, and set them up as future DemProg constituents.

The Obama regime has already granted them unearned tax credits, free college tuition, ‘stimulus’ money, voter fraud, and food stamps.

This is what he wants as part of his legacy. All these “Dreamers” will receive welfare and free education without the responsibility of citizenship, and will be forever grateful to him and The State.

Obama released thousands of illegal aliens into the streets with felony records including theft, sexual assault, kidnapping and homicide. The borders leak like a sieve and nothing is being done to stop illegals or the flow of security risks like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and gawd knows how many others who have escaped capture and detection. The DHS admits that they’ve lost track of how many security risks have crossed the border.

They know these felons are here but they’re ‘not a priority’ for removal. Hundreds of crimes are committed by these dregs. Cop killers, rapists, child molesters, murderers, thieves, robbers, and gangs (MS13s), are wiping their feet on Obama’s welcome mat.

They simply waltz right across our borders and no one stops them. Our country is being invaded by a horde of vermin with terrorists mixed in for good measure. As a matter of fact, muzzie terrorists have been taking advantage of the gaping border for years.

The thugs in the Mexican government have repeatedly interfered with our immigration laws and their military has been crossing into Arizona and shooting at border agents.

In a huge twist of irony, not only are Mexico’s immigration laws tougher than ours, they’re better at deporting illegals.

The biggest risk to our national security is B. Hussein Obama, who violates the laws and the Constitution to aid and abet the incursion.

And what would aiding and abetting illegals be without handing out work permits:

……as evidence of this administration’s true priorities, USCIS is broadcasting “DACA Renewal Tips” out of a concern that some recipients of Obama’s lawless version of the DREAM Act amnesty may not renew their two-year work permits (presumably to avoid paying the fee, since they that there won’t be any enforcement consequences from reverting to illegal status).

ICE Director says no one fired for releasing 65,000 criminal aliens onto streets…
5,000 freed in Arizona…
280 arrested in Midwest for robbery, burglary, battery, hit and run…
Caught, released, caught and released again…

You’ll note that not one single asshole in the Obama regime is being held accountable for their feckless, deliberate damage to this country.

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  1. Posted by Wndcaller22 on 19/06/2015 at 14:13

    We need to get George Soros out of our country, government and economy… he also owns a big chunk of the UN. while I have you… why is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the second largest block of the UN, allowed to violate basic Human Rights laws, regarding women, children, domestic violence and sexual assault? This list is large, but if you review, you realize, billions of our tax dollars are funding George Soros to overthrow our country. This is a listing of his NGOs. The one that links activities to the UN and foreign countries is ‘DiscovertheNetworks.org’, Guide to George Soros Network. His is currently sponsoring a Libyan Scenario is the Ukraine, and Obama is planning to take us to war with Russia… for Soros… the rig man… Check out Truth Serum, How George Soros Works. He admits to sponsoring the bloody coup in Kiev, and his junta… currently trying to destabilize the Euro. Why? Putin discovered Soros attempting to crash the Russian stock market. Putin told muslims (Crimean, Ukranian and Russian) to live peacefully or leave. HE also defended Christians being tortured. While the Soros media (you can see from the list) is telling the story of Russian overtaking Crimea, the truth is, Crimean Russians asked to rejoin Russian when thousands of Tatars were marching their streets yelling ‘allah akbar’! and demanding sharia law. Please do something before Soros, Obama and their connections to NATO, take us to WWIII. Thank you. Contact me for any information on George Soros, and his major political groups, American Progress, Center for American Progress (CAP), MediaMatters, Democracy Now! Think Progress… I am an arsenal against the evil man and would gladly volunteer my time and energy, for my country and the free world. My facebook is Brenda Darlene Bailey… Thank you for your work. http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=1237


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