Rachel Dolezal, Former Faux Bi-Racial Head of Spokane NAACP Steps Down

Hat tip on photo to soopermexican.

rachel dolezal as 'catlyn' jenner

This is what happens when race-color-ethnicity-gender identity becomes your sole accomplishment.

For years she posed as a bi-racial female simply by changing her hair style, getting a tan, and adopting all the right phrases and buzzwords.
From Powerline Blog:

What to make of Rachel Dolezal, the “trans-racial” woman in Washington state who not only posed as a black person, but made a career out of it? The facts relating to Ms. Dolezal are summed up well by Ben Shapiro:
“Rachel Dolezal is president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP. For years, she has passed herself off as black. Now her parents have told the press that she is their “birth daughter and we’re both of European descent…we’re puzzled and it’s very sad.” Her ethnic heritage: German, Swedish, Czech.”

Her fabricated litany of hardships include:

She was born in a “Montana teepee”, and her family “hunted their food with bows and arrows.” She said she and her parents lived in South Africa after moving from Montana. She also claimed she was abused by her parents with a “baboon whip”, used to scare away the aggressive simians in South Africa. Her ex-husband abused her as well. She said that she received death threats and her homes were burglarized by white supremacist groups when she lived in Idaho. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she planted whatever ‘evidence’ there was.

Not surprisingly, her parents say she’s a pathological liar; none of it is true.

Her ‘black like me‘ persona garnered a career in everything from Adjunct Professor of African-American Studies at Eastern Washington University, to a leading participant in “the black women’s struggle’, to exhibiting artist, to “African dance” and “ethnic hair styling.”

That ‘hair styling’ part of her skill set came in handy:

She went from this:


To this:
rachel dolezal3rachel dolezal1rachel dolezal2

As if the entire bizzaro situation wasn’t bad enough, on one occasion, she reverted back to her true race, suing Howard University for discriminating against her because she was white.

The indulgence in race victimology and exploitation allowed Dolezal to play the NAACP and every other  ‘troof ta powa’ organization like a Hip Hop DJ scratching a rap record.

Congratulations, suckas.


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