Paging the LGBT Crowd: ISIS is Throwing Gays Off of Buildings, Where’s Your Outrage?

And to think all the fruitcakes in this country get their panties in a wad over a business refusing to bake them a wedding cake.

From Fox News.

The Islamic State has released a series of horrifying photos showing blindfolded men tossed head-first off a building because, ISIS claimed, they were gay.

In photos obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), ISIS militants are shown publicly executing the unidentified men for violating Sharia law.

A crowd of spectators, including children, was gathered below the 100-foot building in Mosul as the men were held by their ankles and then sent plunging to their deaths. The photos were believed to be recent.

The photos were released by ISIS on Wednesday via social media and in a report by the terror group entitled, “Implementation of the Punishment of Those Who Have Committed Acts of Homosexuality” on the jihadist online forum Shumoukh Al-Islam, according to the research group.

Warning: graphic images

The terror group also recently has employed “flirt squads,” in which militants pose as homosexuals in an attempt to lure gay men out into the open for death by public execution.

“ISIS wants the Muslim world to know that it is executing gays because it displays their credentials as enforcers of Sharia law,” Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst for The Clarion Project told “There is widespread anti-homosexual sentiment in the Muslim world because of the belief that Sharia requires the execution of gays. Homosexuals are often not only seen as harming themselves but as dire threats to society as a whole.”

The extremist group’s hatred of gays has been widely known, with reports of public executions coming as early as last December.

In recent months, ISIS has publicly executed men accused of homosexuality in both Iraq and Syria by not only throwing them off tall buildings, but by burning them alive or stoning them to death. The accused are often shot if they happen to survive the brutal methods, according to MEMRI.

“You won’t see a significant backlash to ISIS’ crimes because there is no gay rights movement in the Muslim world and the gay rights advocates in the West are usually silent when it comes to persecution overseas,” Mauro said. “From ISIS’ perspective, they only stand to gain from executing gays and telling the world about it.”

If the leftie gays and their supporters want to show some real guts, travel to Islamofascist countries to get a real taste of religious intolerance.


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