Obama Snubs Armed Forces Day

Last year, Obama used the day set aside for the armed forces by pushing his in-your-face gay agenda. 

This year Barky’s staff simply retweeted the Defense Department’s tribute and then in true tasteless form, posted a message in honor of the “International Day Against Homophophia and Transphobia”:

The military, however, takes care of its own.

From BizPac Review.

The Obama White House couldn’t find time to make its own contribution to the festivities, but Armed Forces Day was celebrated in a big way in Washington Saturday with Honor Flights bringing America’s veterans in from all over the country so they could enjoy the day’s activities and visit the memorials of a grateful country to their sacrifices for freedom.

Here’s a photo tweeted of Honor Flight Mike, out of Milwaukee — big anticipatory smiles.

Armed Forces Day not only honors those who are currently serving in uniform, but also veterans and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. All of America’s fallen are represented by a single monument — a tomb. A somber, respectful ceremony was held there.

It’s all for the best. The military stands for bravery, loyalty, patriotism, pride, and sacrifice.
Obama has nothing in common with us. Given his abject hatred of the military and this country, I’d prefer he stay at home.
To all my fellow veterans and those still serving: Hope you had a good one. Thanks to all for your service!
veterans day2

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