Paging Al Sharpton: White Disabled Baltimore Man Beaten by Gang of Black Teenage Thugs

Richard Fletcher is a disabled white 61 year old man who tried to bust up a fight between neighborhood thugs who were right by his car.

Hate crime, anyone?

From Pat Dollard.

A Dundalk man continues to recover after being violently beaten by a group of teenagers. Now a 17-year-old is facing attempted murder charges, a 15-year-old is charged with assault and more arrests are expected.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the brutal attack.

Richard Fletcher is out of the hospital, but he suffered extensive injuries. We want to warn you: some of the video and images you are about to see are very disturbing.

Horrifying cell phone video shows a group of teens surrounding 61-year-old Richard Fletcher, kicking and hitting him again and again until he drops to the ground.

He suffered broken eye sockets, a broken nose, broken ribs and a brain bleed.

“He was brutally attacked,” said Cpl. John Wachter, Baltimore County Police Department.

Investigators say Fletcher saw two girls fighting on top of his car. When he went outside to ask them to stop, dozens of teens turned on him.

“He wasn’t trying to intervene in their disagreement. He just wanted them to stop fighting and move away from his car,” said Cpl. Wachter.

Now 17-year-old Antoine Lawson is charged as an adult with attempted murder. A 15-year-old girl also faces assault charges, and more arrests are expected.

Neighbors say the teens go to nearby Baltimore Community High School.

“The community in all, we’re really disgusted with the actions of the students,” said Georgia Bartrum, Harbor View Neighborhood Association.

Bartrum says the attack is causing fear amongst homeowners.

“I had one lady who said she had found them in her vehicle and didn’t realize they were in there–her door was open–and approached them, and she said, ‘They could have done that to me,’” said Bartrum.

Flyers are now being put up across the community to try and raise money for Fletcher’s medical expenses.

“He’s got a lot of doctors visits,” said Bartrum. “So he’s going to have a long road to recovery.”

Now neighbors want more people in the video to face charges.

Police say they are actively looking for more suspects and that they do expect more arrests.

The thugs in question, arrayed in the photo around their victim, have been charged with
first-degree assault, second-degree assault, robbery, first-degree attempted murder and other related charges.

thugs who beat richard fletcher baltimore

This is what Fletcher looked like after the animals attacked:
61-year-old Richard Fletcher was beaten up after he tried to break up a teen fight in front of his home in Baltimore County.

As Bossip says:

And we wonder why they don’t love us. Kids like these make it that much harder for the good ones out there.

Al, Jesse, Barky?  Where’s your outrage?

BTW: Just try to be one of those common sense people, in this case, a U.S. Army Sergeant, who points out that the animals are doing more harm than good:

“If you’re out there rioting,” he said, “you’re out there breaking people’s businesses that they worked hard to build, causing chaos in the streets, you’re out there throwing rocks at police and destroying police cars, do you understand that you’re actually doing more damage than good?”

He got racial slurs death threats from the very blacks who should heed his advice. Don’t bother wasting effort trying to appeal to their intellect or values. They have neither.

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