Former “Ft. Worthless” Dem Speaker of the House Jim Wright Dead at 92

From Fox News.

Former U.S. House Speaker Jim Wright, the longtime Texas Democrat who became the first House speaker in history to be driven out of office in midterm, has died at age 92.
……Wright represented a Fort Worth-area congressional district for 34 years, beginning with his election in 1954. He was the House’s Democratic majority leader for a decade, rising to the speakership in January 1987, to replace Tip O’Neill.

……The House Ethics Committee investigated Wright’s financial affairs for nearly a year…The bipartisan committee charged Wright with 69 violations of House rules on reporting of gifts, accepting gifts from people with an interest in legislation, and limits on outside income.

More specifically, Wright was forced to resign after an ethics committee investigation found dozens of violations of House rules, including improper receipt of $145,000 in gifts by Wright’s wife from a Fort Worth developer and large profits from “sale” of Wright’s speeches.

He also wrote a letter of support to the Communist Nicaraguan Sandinista cutthroat Daniel Ortega, and even brought him to D.C  for a love fest with Democrat admirers.

He was a belligerent anti-American shill, with a Communist ax to grind.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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  1. I want to live that long. 🙂


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