Sheriff Clarke Drops Truth Bomb on Baltimore

He is the Sheriff of Milwaukee County (Wisconsin) and an NRA Endowment Member. He’s a tough, no nonsense guy who takes a dim view of blacks wallowing in the victimology status quo.  He’s also a frequent guest at Fox News.

His personal site here:


Why are we surprised at this sub-human behavior on

display in American ghettos? Lib policies

created the conditions.

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I am tired of this mealy-mouth crap from

politicians. They cause the conditions for a

permanent underclass in America

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Lefwing politicians created the underclass by providing race-based handouts from cradle to grave.

Oh, by the way, the leftie nihilists at Salon think the riots are ‘legitimate political strategy’. They’re in good company, because so do race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, and Obama’s DOJ.

Liberal pundits set the bar lower to accommodate a perverted idea of ‘social justice’. Your color entitles you to special treatment, unless you’re ‘white’, then you’re “racist” “privileged”, and guilty for the maltreatment—real or imagined—of minorities. Throwing the race card is so much easier than personal accountability. It’s the bigotry of low expectations.

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