Thugs Continue to Riot in Baltimore, Mayor Gives Them ‘Space to Destroy’

They’re on the rampage over someone named Freddie Gray, who died in police custody.

The Mayor, who was elected by the same human excrement now destroying the town, has decided to let them do it.


Sometimes a protest is just a riot camouflaged in self-righteousness. It might not start that way, and the actors might not think that it is. But nonetheless, sometimes it is.

……So it makes sense, in a way, that facing a weekend of protests against the mysterious police-related death of resident Freddie Gray, that Baltimore authorities would be on edge.

What no one expected is what Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake admitted in a press conference on Sunday: that she asked the Baltimore Police Department to “give those who wished to destroy space to do that.”

“We work very hard to keep that balance [between free speech and destructive elements], and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate,” she said.

Like the animals who ravaged Ferguson, many of them are outside agitators who are more than glad to trash someone else’s neighborhood and join in on the ‘troof ta powa’ race riots.

FYI: More whites than blacks are killed by cops every year. Maybe we should take a flame thrower to our cities whenever that happens.

And oh by the way, in 2013 there were 5,375 murders committed by blacks who make up 13% of the population, while 4,396 murders were committed by whites, who make up 63% of the population.

This Rawlings-Blake is a real shitbag. I can’t remember any time in history when the mayor of a town deliberately allowed subhuman sewage to pillage and burn their town in the name of ‘free speech’.  It’s all race-based of course. If white people did this the media Proglodytes would be having aneurisms over ‘white supremacy’.

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