Muzzie Terrorists Who Joined ISIS Arrested in Minnesota and San Diego

From the New York Daily News.

Six men from Minnesota who tried to get to Syria to join Islamic State extremists have been arrested and charged with terrorism, the FBI said Monday.

Three of them were initially stopped in New York City, where they planned to use John F. Kennedy airport as their gateway to the jihadi life, the criminal complaint said.

All six were friends in Minnesota and plotted together to join ISIL fighters overseas, according to the feds.

They were U.S. citizens of Somali descent, authorities said.

They’re accused of conspiracy to provide material support and attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Charged are Mohamed Abdihamid Farah, 21; Adnan Abdihamid Farah, 19; Abdurahman Yasin Daud, 21; Zacharia Yusuf Abdurahman, 19; Hanad Mustafe Musse, 19; and Guled Ali Omar, 20.

……Mohamed Farah, Abdurahman and Musse were grabbed by FBI agents at JFK in November, after taking a Greyhound bus to the city from Minneapolis.

With them was 19-year-old Hamza Ahmed, who was also stopped by feds.

The agents were able to grab three of them as they boarded — but one actually slipped onto a plane and was hauled off just before it departed, authorities said.

All four were held and questioned but eventually allowed to return to Minneapolis — where they began plotting to try again, the complaint said.

They were let go. Just fucking brilliant.

……The Minneapolis area is home to the largest concentration of Somali immigrants in the U.S. Since 2007, more than 22 young Somali men have also traveled from Minnesota to Somalia to join the militant group al-Shabab.

One of the largest muzzie enclaves in the U.S. is Dearbornistan, has become quite a muslim extremist operating base , with Islamic jihad centers and mosques that are breeding grounds for terrorism.  The main mosque in Dearborn, the Islamic Center of America,  is run by Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini, who has considerable ties to Hezbollah, invited Nation of Islam’s lunatic Louis Farrakhan to speak, and openly advocates terrorism.

Looks like Minneapolis is headed that way, too.

Again,  there are reasons why they are confident enough to create a min-Islamic state in this country.  They’ve been given the green light.


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